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JCC Member Spotlight: Ted Hardman

Ted Hardman

Tell us a little about yourself and why you love the J.

I’m definitely a senior citizen. We have belonged to the JCC as long as we lived in Amberley Village, over 15 years. Initially, I would stop in once or twice a week to ride an exercise bike and visit the hot tub. Several years ago, it was suggested that I work with a personal trainer and Raema Williams’ name came up. I had known her previously as a tenant in a building owned by my son.

Wow, what a great experience! I’ve been with Raema for probably five years. Each of her workouts has been a tremendous experience. Occasionally, I would ask to work on something specific or mention that something has been bothering me. Each time, Raema would make tweaks in my work out that produced positive results!

Last December, I was approached by Kate Willer to participate in the Holiday Headstart group on Sundays. Participating in a group training program was new to me, and the other participants were very fit and experienced. I loved the group and the support that Kate offered. After Holiday Headstart, I continued with Commit to Be Fit with Kate and the same group. About this time, I had my semiannual physical, and my primary care physician noted that I’d gained a few pounds since my last visit. Part of the Commit to Be Fit program is a weekly weigh-in. Kate offered dietary suggestions, and I began to incorporate spinning classes into my weekly routine. I ended up being crowned the session’s winner for weight loss! Certainly, there was an effort on my part, but the bigger part was the support of Raema, Kate, the various spinning instructors, and my weekly group.

JCC, you have great instructors, equipment, and programs!

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