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Whatever your fitness goals may be, the J can help you get there! Our small group training programs will help you address weight loss, muscle strength, flexibility, and post-rehabilitation. With some of the best fitness classes, fitness facilities, and personal trainers in Cincinnati, we will keep you moving towards your fitness goals.

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Whether you’re looking to get toned, lost weight, increase strength, or improve cardiovascular health, our small group training programs will help you reach the next level in your fitness goals. Each program lasts between 6 and 12 weeks and focuses on a particular fitness goal. You’ll get the support of a personal trainer, a weekly small group training session at the J, and additional fitness and nutrition tasks to complete throughout the week and maximize your results. 

Small Group Training Classes

Commit to be Fit | Fall 2023

Ages 16+
August 27 – October 21
J Members: Starting at $168 | Public: Starting at $238

Join the express version of our most popular small group challenge to lose weight, get toned, and compete for fantastic prizes.

Burn (TRX) | Fall 2023

Ages 16+
Session 1: August 29 – October 18
Session 2: October 24 – December 20
J Members: Starting at $192 | Public: Starting at $272

Increase stamina, strengthen muscles, and maximize your workout with our state-of-the-art adult jungle gym (suspension training unit), where playing is encouraged.

Stronger You | Fall 2023

Ages 16+
October 22 – December 22
J Members: Starting at $168 | Public: Starting at $238

Become the best version of yourself in this small group strength training program! Learn how to increase muscle through a combination of body weight and weight training exercises, revealing a healthier and stronger you.

Calorie Bank Before You Thank

Ages 16+
October 22 – November 18

Bank 7,000 calories before Thanksgiving and receive a J Bucks gift card. Every 10 minutes you work out equals 100 calories banked, so let’s get moving! Use your WIRED device during each workout at the J for double the entries to win a grand prize.

Meet the Team

Our personal trainers lead the industry with up-to-date continuing education in exercise physiology, anatomy, weight management, correcting muscle imbalances, sport-specific training, and individualized program development based on assessment. Our personal trainers excel at applying their knowledge to all walks of life, from athletes to seniors. They understand different goals call for different exercise prescriptions, not a one size fits all. Experience for yourself what it is like to work with a professional.

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