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The J offers a convenient variety of over 60 Free Group Exercise classes per week: Bootcamps, Barre, Yoga, Spinning and more.

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Classes are taught by highly-qualified instructors who motivate participants to reach their fitness goals. From low-impact beginner classes to high-intensity advanced classes, there’s something for every skill level. Most exercise classes are offered year-round, but check the schedule for the most up-to-date offerings. 

Group Exercise Classes

Yoga & Meditation

Hatha Yoga  

Power Yoga (Intermediate – Advanced): Power Yoga emphasizes strength and flexibility and is well-suited for individuals who are seeking an excellent workout as well as the serenity associated with the practice of yoga.

TriYoga Flows: (Beginner – Advanced): Tri Yoga, the art and science of yogaflow, unites breath with flowing and sustained postures. It has the inherent qualities of rhythmic pacing, relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements, and economy of motion.

Yin Yoga: (Beginner – Advanced): Yin Yoga is a meditative class targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.

Yoga Fusion: Yoga Fusion is a trend that blends yoga poses with other fitness regiments, such as Pilates, strength training and dance.  Light dumbbells, balls and bands are often used in this exercise class.

Cardio, Endurance, and Strength Training

Body Sculpt (Beginner – Advanced): Body Sculpt will he you tighten and tone your entire body with a variety of strength exercises. A range of equipment, including bands, weights, and body bars will be utilized to push you to the next level of fitness.

Barre and Core: Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class combining ballet-inspired exercises with elements of Pilates, yoga and strength training. Most classes incorporate the use of a ballet barre and include plies, static stretches, smaller movements and high reps. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Barre Fitness (Beginner – Advanced): Develop a stronger, leaner body with Barre Fitness. It combines ballet barre exercises with traditional strength training exercises. No previous ballet experience is required.

Bootcamp: An athletic based cardio class designed to improve cardio endurance, strength, speed and agility.  Core based exercises will be incorporated as well.

Cardio and Core: Large movements combined with fast paces exercises make for a sweaty, intense workout.  Cardiovascular conditioning, hybrid exercises and core exercises are all included in this class.

Core and More (Beginner – Advanced): Strengthen and tone your core, and then focus on full-body recovery through release work, stretching and restorative poses.

Light Dumbbell Workout: This class will utilize lighter dumbbells and encourage higher repetitions to improve muscular endurance and muscle tone.

Total Body Workout (Beginner – Advanced): Total Body Workout combines cardio and strength training in a circuit format with stretching and yoga for a total body workout in just one hour.


Mat Pilates (Beginner – Advanced): Mat Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles and teaches breath awareness and body alignment. You’ll increase strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Dance & Boxing Inspired

Zumba (Beginner – Advanced): Zumba is a high-energy cardio class combining Latin moves and music with interval training. No dance skills required.


HIIT Spin (Beginner – Advanced): In this shorter class, you will work in various levels of intensity with designated recovery periods. You will be encouraged to maximize the effort and work hard. No indoor cycling experience required.

Spin: This indoor cycling class is for all fitness levels.  Classes focus on drills to build power and endurance on the bike.   Higher intensity drills are also used to push past your anaerobic threshold to increase your cycling power.

60 & Better

Functional Fitness (Beginner – Intermediate): Functional Fitness is a weight training and stretching class designed for senior adults who want to increase their strength to better perform daily activities.

Inclusive Fitness Classes

Fitness & Friends: 18+ and grades K – 6: Fitness and Friends are low-impact, inclusive group exercise class geared toward individuals with intellectual disabilities. Participants should be able to engage independently in a low-impact fitness class, where they will have the chance to exercise and socialize.

Group Exercise Schedule

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Join us for a group exercise class! Check out the current schedule then reserve your spot. 

Meet the Team

Each group exercise class is led by one of our instructors or personal trainers. Check the schedule for a listing of classes and times, including the instructor. 

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