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The J offers a convenient variety of over 60 Free Group Exercise classes per week: Bootcamps, Barre, Yoga, Spinning and more.

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Classes are taught by highly-qualified instructors who motivate participants to reach their fitness goals. From low-impact beginner classes to high-intensity advanced classes, there’s something for every skill level. Most exercise classes are offered year-round, but check the schedule for the most up-to-date offerings. Unless otherwise noted, classes are 50 minutes and for all experience levels with modifications.

GroupEx Schedule & Registration

View the upcoming week’s schedule of group exercise classes using the link below and register for a class online. You will need to create a login to GroupEx Pro when registering for your first class. This is a different login than your Mayerson JCC website login, but you could choose the same email and password for both accounts at your discretion.

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Group Exercise Class Registration

GroupEx Pro

Now you can sign up for group exercise classes using our new GroupEx Pro platform. It is easy to register, view your schedule, and cancel classes if you cannot attend. Classes are free with your JCC membership!

Group Exercise Schedule

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Join us for a group exercise class! Check out the GroupEx Pro link above and register for a class online. Use this link for a downloadable or printable schedule.

Group Exercise Classes (50-minutes)


Hatha: Using focused postures and breathing techniques, this practice will develop balance, mind-body awareness, strength, and mobility. 

TriYoga Flow: TriYoga, the art and science of yogaflow®, unites breath with rhythmic pacing, relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements, and economy of motion. 

Yoga Fusion: Yoga Fusion classes blend aspects of yoga, Pilates, strength training and dance.  Light dumbbells and other exercise equipment are often used in this exercise class. 

Power Yoga: Power Yoga emphasizes strength and flexibility and is well-suited for individuals seeking an excellent workout with the serenity associated with yoga. 

Best suited for participants who can get up/down from mat independently.

Yin Yoga: Meditative sequences of mostly seated or reclined postures (2min or more) to target connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and low spine. 

Mat Pilates: Mat workouts consist of core-focused, Pilates exercises while encouraging posture, body awareness, and flexibility.  

Yogalates: Yogalates infuses the flow and postures of yoga with core and alignment techniques of Pilates. Participants will enjoy a full body workout, light cardio, and some intermediate to advanced postures. While Pilates or yoga experience will be useful, modifications will be provided. 



Strength + Cardio

Be Fit: Classes for 55+ that incorporates full body movements, floor work, and weight training for heart-health, mobility, and balance. 

Cardio/Core: Aerobic movement coupled with exercises for strengthening core. 

Cardio Kick: A Heart-healthy class focused on high energy, steady cardio with a fusion of sculpt and kickboxing. 

Cardio/Strong: Classes with a balance of light aerobic movements to get participants breathing coupled with light-moderate weights for strength, mobility, and toning. 

Core and More: A full body class designed to focus on deep core and pelvic floor training using light resistance and slow, controlled movements. 

Fit Camp: Classes incorporate a variety of strength, mobility, and endurance programming for general fitness. 

Glutes and Guts: We said it! This class focuses on strengthening and toning movements for the core and lower body. 

Total Body: Full body cardio and strength workout using bodyweight and/or equipment.  

Functional Fitness: Cardio and strength classes for 65+ interested in strength, heart-health, mobility, and balance.  

Lightweight Dumbbells: Strength and mobility workouts using lighter weights. 

Strengthen: Emphasizes the benefits of moderate to heavy weight training like bone health, building lean muscle, and after-burn. 

Intervals: Aerobic, strength, and core exercises in time cycles of work and rest with low and high impact options.  


Aquatic Classes

Shallow Water: This program uses water resistance to develop muscle tone and flexibility. The warm water eliminates any pounding pressure on joints, while providing a stimulating workout.   

Deep Water: Using floatation equipment, participants experience minimal to no impact on joints while strengthening muscles. 

Shallow Water Tai-Chi: A gentle, invigorating class that challenges the core, enhances strength, and range of motion while minimizing the effects of gravity on the joints.  




Spin: An energizing, cardio-focused ride that’s low impact on joints.  

HIIT Spin: A dynamic ride with intervals of high effort and recovery. 


Barre Basics: An introduction to Barre fitness techniques, positions, and terms at a pace for all fitness levels. The class size is ideal for hands-on instruction. 

Barre: Barre classes combine ballet-inspired movements with stretching and strength training. 

Zumba®: Latin, hip-hop, dance-inspired cardio classes.  

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