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Experience what it's like to move with greater ease, less pain and greater strength with our Pilates Reformer small group program. Benefits include support from your small group, muscle tone, improved posture, simply feeling better and a multitude of other mental and physical rewards

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Our innovative Pilates Reformer Studio offers a private setting with 5 reformer machines. More than 100 exercises can be performed on this surprisingly versatile apparatus that works with a system of springs and straps. Exercises on the Reformer improve torso stability and postural alignment while working limbs in a range of motion. You’ll receive an effective, no-impact workout that is also joint friendly.

There are several ways to participate in small group training in our Pilates Reformer Studio. Depending on your fitness goals and level of experience with Pilates, select from the following training options. All Pilates training participants must have the required three 30-minute private sessions completed before enrolling. 

Specialty Pilates Courses

Pilates Reformer | Summer 2024
Ages 16+ 
June 3 – August 23
Training options available
J Members: Starting at $260
Perform more than 100 exercises in our Pilates Reformer Studio for an effective, joint-friendly, no-impact workout. All Pilates training participants must have completed the three required 30-minute private sessions before enrolling.
Chair and Tower Pilates | Summer 2024
Ages 16+
June 7 – August 23
J Members: Starting at $312
Take your Pilates to the next level with a “wunda chair”/tower class. This class will build core stability, upper body strength, and increase overall physical conditioning! This is an intermediate to advance level program. Six months of consecutive Pilates Reformer experience is required.
Restorative Stretch Pilates | Summer 2024
Ages 16+
June 4 – August 22
J Members: Starting at $286
This Pilates group training will restore and renew muscles through a combination of targeted stretches. The workout will connect body-mind-spirit, focusing on breathing to engage a full body workout. This group welcomes beginner and intermediate levels.
Yoga on the Reformer | Summer 2024
Yoga on the Reformer
Ages 16+
June 7 – August 23
J Members: Starting at $286
This class combines the benefits of both yoga and Pilates. Working with the Pilates Reformer machine, improve your overall strength, posture, flexibility and breathing through vinyasa flows, asanas, and core work. This combination will help you achieve a mind and body connection.

Meet the Team

Our Pilates instructors have a wealth of experience and training and lead the industry with up-to-date continuing education in exercise physiology, anatomy, weight management, correcting muscle imbalances, sport-specific training, and individualized program development based on assessment. Our trainers excel at applying their knowledge to all walks of life, from athletes to seniors. They understand different goals call for different exercise prescriptions, not a one size fits all. 

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