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  • Keeping Cool with Aquatic Workouts

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on July 02, 2019 | Share

    This summer, move your workout to the water! Working out in the water offers plenty of different health benefits. Water increases resistance, forcing your muscles to work harder and in different ways, therefore burning more calories. At the same time, your body’s buoyancy in water makes aquatic workouts much easier on your joints. In addition to the simple bonus…

  • Tu B’Shevat and Intentional Wellness

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on January 26, 2018 | Share

    At the end of January, we’ll celebrate Tu B’Shevat, or “the birthday of the trees.” This festival ties in beautifully with the modern focus on nature and environmentalism. Tu B’Shevat is sometimes celebrated with a seder during which it’s common to eat fruits and nuts, especially those that are typically found in Israel. This ties back not only to…

  • Q&A With Registered Dietitian Emily Ludwig

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on July 07, 2016 | Share

    Registered Dietitian Emily Ludwig has been with the J since February. In that time, she’s started a series of interactive discussions on popular health topics, and built a client-base of individuals all with their own set of goals. Emily gets asked a lot of questions about health, food, and what she does. We’re glad that she’s such a popular…

  • 6 Ways Biking Can Improve Your Day

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on May 12, 2016 | Share

    May is National Bike Month, which is fitting, since summer is upon us! That means longer days, more time outside, and generally speaking: more activity. Cycling has exploded as a trend in recent years, with many cities improving and adopting bike lanes, and bike stores popping up all over. The diversity of the cycling scene isn’t to be missed….

  • Visioning and the Art of Successful Resolutions

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on January 06, 2016 | Share

    “I want to lose weight,” “I’m going to to save money,” “I need to spend more time with my family.” All of these statements are practically mantras of the Resolutionists – a term assigned to those who vow every year to change their habits. According to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8% of people who…