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The Impact of Modern Perspectives on the Holocaust

March of the Living Cincinnati

On May 26, Hannah Vigran, one of the 25 students who took part in the 2016 March of the Living trip, uploaded a video to YouTube.

This video was shared within the Mayerson JCC, deeply effecting those who saw it.

Within its 14 minute and 13 second run-time, Hannah and fellow March of the Living participants explored the history of the Holocaust, and shared many personal stories and quotes from students during their trip.

Those 14 minutes and 13 seconds were heart-wrenching. Painful. Insightful. And so important.

Remembrance is an essential part of March of the Living, and of Holocaust studies. Hannah’s portrait of individual stories, of survivors, and descendants helped further the message of remembrance. Her perspective was one that is rarely shared: the young stewards of Jewish heritage, of memories, and the weight of honoring those lost.

Hannah Vigran
Hannah Vigran

“That was Hitler’s goal. To make the Jews look like absolutely nothing. To make the Jews bodies look like playground mulch. But we must learn the stories. We must remember their names. Because we are not dirt. We are bones and blood. We have hearts and a mind. And we shall always remember.” Josh Young – March of the Living/Auschwitz-Birkenau

It’s easy to see from the outside that March of the Living is impactful – it’s life-changing. But to get an inside view of what the participants feel – not just see – is astounding. Hannah’s video, and the contributions from other 2016 March of the Living students serve to solidify the importance of not just this trip, but of investing in Jewish teens. Their perspective is unique and integral to the entire community.

To Hannah, and all of the 2016 March of the Living participants, we thank you for sharing your stories and your journey.

From darkness to light – we are still here.

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