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Trainer Tip from Rachel Horton

Biggest Loser style Fitness Challenges in Cincinnati

Personal Trainers in CincinnatiWe reached out to Rachel Horton, Level 3 Master Personal Trainer and Fitness Director, for a tip to stay motivated and keep moving in the Fitness Center. Here is her Trainer Tip:

Want to burn more calories throughout the day even when you are not working out? Then maximize your results by focusing on your heart rate during exercise. Keeping your heart rate between 70-80% of your max heart rate will deliver the greatest EPOC effect (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) also known as the afterburn effect. Using this method will help you burn more calories after your workout!

Rachel has been in the fitness training industry since 2009. She has also been a Cincinnati BenGal cheerleader since 2015. She helps members make healthy lifestyle choices through not only fitness, but through education and habit change.

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