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New Year, New Me: Health and Fitness Tips from JCC Trainers 

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New year, new me! But how do can we achieve that? If you’re looking for tips to improve your fitness, health, and more, you’ve come to the right place. We asked a few of our personal trainers what they recommend for starting a healthy new year. 

Wendy Wiehe 
Level 1 Personal Trainer 
Meal prep! Studies have shown that people who prep meals are more likely to follow nutritional guidelines. Set aside time at the beginning of the week vs during the busy work week to plan meals, take inventory of food in your pantry, and to shop. There are a lot of options for food storage containers with compartments that make packaging prepped meals simple and convenient. By planning ahead and being organized, not only is there less food waste, but it is also easier to stay on track to meet your goals! If you’re looking for help with nutrition, consider downloading the Eat Love app (which is only $15 a month for members!).  

Reece Pawlowicz 
Level 2 Senior Personal Trainer 
Find a cardio you enjoy. There are plenty of options to choose from such as biking, running, jogging, ellipticals and more. You can also do any physical activity like basketball, swimming, and hiking.  
Stacey Blaesser 
Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer, Level 4 Elite Pilates Trainer, Pilates Reformer Coordinator 
Make a plan! Plan out your workout days. Hire a personal trainer at the JCC to help you stay accountable and follow a plan to stay on track. You can sign up for a personal training session HERE. Of course, always stay hydrated! 

Rachel Horton 
Fitness Director, Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer 
Stay consistent and follow a balanced approach. Your workout and nutrition content should be things you can maintain every day for a lifestyle change.  

Kate Willer 
Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer, Personal Training Coordinator 
Resistance training is more effective for sustainable fat loss than cardio. Focus more on the weights you are lifting in the gym than your weight on the scale. Also, focus on adding things to your diet rather than taking out, such as protein, fiber, and water. 

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