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Motivations and Memories 

Today we marched. We marched along with the tortured would of the past and present. Men and women, young and old, marched together in sadness, happiness, thoughtfulness, and remembrance. Some in silence and some in song. Some in tears and some with stoic dispositions. Together we marched. 
While we all walked together, the motivation of each was unique. Some came to remember their loved ones while some came as a way to let the Nazis know that they did not succeed, that they did survive. While embracing my new family, I reflected upon my own motivations as to why I joined this trip; I wanted to grow. To grow in my knowledge of the Holocaust while also growing as a person. As of right now, on this day, the day of the March, I can say I have succeeded. The moments of the March will stay with me forever, from the sudden chills that raced down my spine when we crossed the threshold into Birkenau, to the tears that streamed down my face while Holocaust survivor Edward Masberg recounted his experiences, shaking so hard while he spoke he could not stand on his own. These are the things that I will never forget. 
I will never forget the stories we have heard from Peppi and I will never forget the camps we have seen. Although if for some reason I do forget, I know there will always be another person, another generation, who will be there to remember. 

-Caroline Shor, Sycamore High School 

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