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Make It A Better Breakfast

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Page-Carbs-Fuel-to-SucceedSeptember marks the beginning of autumn, but it’s also Better Breakfast Month.

While we all know that breakfast is important, it can still be easy to skip on a busy day, or to indulge in fast food en route to work.

So, how do we improve breakfast and restore its nutritional powers? (Because after all, that bagel slathered with cream cheese can’t happen every day.)

The biggest step to making your breakfast a healthy habit is to plan ahead. Prepping for the week on Sunday or even just the night before, allows you to “grab and go,” and eliminates scrambling to throw something together.

A few simple recipes to help with this are below:

Overnight Oats: These delectable cake batter oats will make you feel like you’re indulging even when you’re not.

Smoothie: This frozen treat reminds us a lot of delicious Mango Lassi.

Egg Muffins: This simple recipe allows you to throw your favorite omelet ingredients into a highly-portable breakfast.

Yogurt Parfait: Being that we’re headed into autumn, this parfait is heavy on the pumpkin flavor.

By using and adapting these recipes, you’ll soon have a whole list of healthy breakfasts that can be used each week. Diving into simple meal prep and better breakfasts can help with weight loss, fuel your morning, and promote digestive health.

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