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From Here to There. (pre-trip, 2017)

Hello everyone!

I can’t begin to express how excited I am to begin this incredible journey on Wednesday morning! Of course, in many ways, our journey has already begun. We first met each other over 3 months ago and talked about our hopes and fears of this experience. We talked about our expectations. We heard from Holocaust survivors from our Cincinnati community. We had thought provoking discussions about anti-Semitism, how and where it began, and your own experiences dealing with it. We escaped from our Houdini’s escape rooms (one group getting out with ONE SECOND left). We learned the unique history of the Jewish state and the history of our people. We learned about the differences between Israeli culture and our own. — this is why I think we are incredibly blessed to come from Cincinnati. This is a community that gets you FROM HERE TO THERE. They prepare you. They give you opportunity that no other cities IN THE WORLD give. They have your back.

As we get ready to depart our beloved city of Cincinnati, I am reflecting about how lucky we all are. To be able to live in a city that gives you an experience that gets you FROM HERE TO THERE on so many different levels! I do recognize that it’s a two way street and you get what you put in. I want to thank each of you for giving your time and being present at our pre-trip seminars. For allowing Cincinnati to prepare you for what will be one of the most incredible experiences you will ever embark on.

Wednesday can’t come sooner. I couldn’t ask for a better delegation.

See everyone at 9:30AM at CVG!


-Phil Ganson, Delegation Head



*not pictured: Avi Goldstein, Stephanie Mather, Drew Schneider, Hannah Levy

**This post marks the beginning of the 2017 Cincinnati March of the Living blog. Please follow us as we experience our journey!

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