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Finding Your Hanukkah Recipes

PJ Library Parents Night Out

PJ Library Parents Night OutThere’s no denying that food brings people together. According to writer Anne Kaplan, “traditional foodways prove to be intrinsic to the way a particular group views itself and its relation to others…”

This means that the latkes Bubbe makes officially have special powers. Despite this, it always helps to have a few recipes up your sleeve! In honor of the approach of Hanukkah, here are three recipes that you shouldn’t go without.

  1. Classic Kugel – This mom-approved dish has graced many tables, and now it’s yours! Serve it up for brunch alongside some bagels and lox, and everyone will swear it’s a family recipe.
  2. David Firestone’s Latkes – This New York Times recipe from 1992 is a classic that just can’t be improved. The”Latke King,” knew what he was doing.
  3. Hanukkah Brisket – Andrew Zimmern swears by this recipe, and promises that it even freezes well and can be enjoyed later.

Regardless of whose recipe you count on this season, there’s no shortage of delicious and delectable Hanukkah treats. Try something new, but always be sure to make everything with love. After all, these recipes are best enjoyed together. Let’s bring light to others with our food, our talents, and our traditions.

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