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Visioning and the Art of Successful Resolutions

Biggest Loser style fitness and weight loss challenges in Cincinnati

Ari Weinzweig founder of Zingerman's Deli“I want to lose weight,” “I’m going to to save money,” “I need to spend more time with my family.”

All of these statements are practically mantras of the Resolutionists – a term assigned to those who vow every year to change their habits.

According to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8% of people who make resolutions actually accomplish them. But here at the Mayerson JCC, we’re all about defying those statistics.

Ari Weinzweig, CEO of Ann Arbor landmark Zingerman’s Deli visited the J in November and he had a few things to say about the power of visioning to help people “stick” with their resolutions.

“In terms of people’s exercise, when the goal is externally driven, it rarely works. If you’re doing it based on advice, whether direct advice or social pressure, we rarely stick with it,“ Weinzweig said. “When we are driven by our own dreams and desires and we’ve worked on what that really feels like and we share that with other people, the odds of success go up a lot.”

Here at the J, we embrace that approach daily. Community is a huge part of any successful undertaking, and it’s our goal to help you find that. Whether it’s the front desk staff greeting you, or your favorite fitness instructor leading class, we want our members to feel like they’re a part of a welcoming and supportive family.

Commit to be FitStarting this month, there are multiple opportunities for committing to wellness and success in the New Year:

  • Our Commit to Be Fit challenge spans 12 weeks (January 10-April 2). Participants are paired with a certified personal trainer, and can win group and individual prizes. Participants also receive a free InBody full-body composition assessment. This group-focused challenge has an added layer of support and accountability that might be missing from a routine workout. Join a group, and take on your goals together!
  • 30-30-30 puts the focus on Young Professionals and provides them with a challenging workout to boost their 2016 efforts. Taking place on January 12th, attendees will spend 30 minutes in boot camp, 30 minutes doing Tabata and finish with 30 minutes of yoga.
  • Free Fitness Demos are targeted at improving your knowledge, efficiency and safety when you work out.
    • Free Motion Functional Fitness Demo: January 17, 11am & January 24, 11am
    • Group Ex Intro Sampler – New Year, New You: January 17, 8am – 12pm
    • Flexibility Techniques Demo: February 9, 8am & February 23, 8am
    • Suspension Training Demo: March 6, 11am & March 13, 11am
  • Free Fitness Challenges allow members to earn rewards for their efforts and target specific goals.
    • Resolution Rewards: January 1-February 29, For each pound you lose, you earn $2 to use at the J Spa!
    • Couch to 5K: March 28-April 30, Meet with a JCC trainer weekly and receive a running schedule so you’ll be ready to run the Flying Pig 5K!
    • March Madness Group Ex Challenge: March 1-March 31, Attend 16 Group Ex Classes in March and receive $10 J Bucks Gift Card to use in the J Café, J Spa or Pro Shop.

For those that are still wary and find the task of self-improvement daunting, Weinzweig had a bit of advice:

“People look at achieving like it’s this big decision, but it’s generally a lot of little decisions that add up later. People perceive later that your success was a cognizant move toward greatness, but it’s really a thousand little decisions.”

Make the first of a thousand decisions so 2016 is the best year yet. Share your goals with your family, your friends and members of the J. We’re all in this together – the fight for better wellness, a stronger community and a sense of accomplishment.

Learn more about Ari Weinzweig and his training methods here.

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