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Free Fitness Demos and Challenges

Page-Free-DemosFree Fitness Demos

Learn something new and get tips on how to get the most out of your workout! These FREE fitness demos are for members only. Sign up in the Fitness Center.

October: Advance Your Pull-Up
Pull-ups can be challenging for a lot of people. Learn how to build your upper-body strength to help you achieve this challenging exercise and take your workout to a new level!

October 21, 4pm with Kate
October 28, 4pm with Kate

November: Pilates Reformer
Have you ever walked past our Pilates Reformer and wondered how it works? The Pilates Reformer is designed for people of all levels of skill, strength, and flexibility. Learn more about how the Reformer offers an effective, low-impact workout.

November 1, 12pm with Stacey
November 4, 11am with Anita
November 15, 12pm with Stacey
November 18, 11am with Anita

December: Deadlifting
Deadlifting is one of the most effective ways to build total-body strength. Come get tips for how to push your strength training to the max while ensuring proper form to avoid injury.

December 5, 11:30am with Jay
December 7, 1pm with Jay
December 12, 11:30am with Jay
December 19, 11:30am with Jay

Free Fitness Challenges

Calorie Bank Before You Thank
October 28 – November 23

Bank 7,000 calories before Thanksgiving and receive a J Bucks gift card! Every 10 minutes you work out equals 100 calories banked, so let’s get moving! Use your WIRED device during each workout and get 2x the entries to win a $50 Kroger gift card for your holiday dinner!

Free Wired Challenges

WIRED Heart Rate Training, our wearable heart rate technology, makes it easier than ever to get the results you want with real time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort. Learn more and get your WIRED device at the Fitness Desk!

October: Frequency Challenge
Log at least six workout days on your WIRED device in October to be entered to win one of four free registrations for Holiday Headstart!

November: Intensity Challenge
Reach 3,000 intensity points to be entered to win one of five custom prizes: a 30-minute J Spa massage or a 30-minute personal training session!

December: Frequency Challenge
Work out with your WIRED device for at least 10 days in December to be entered to win one of two free registrations for Commit to Be Fit!