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Tu B’Shevat and Intentional Wellness

Tu B'Shevat Seder

Tu B'Shevat SederAt the end of January, we’ll celebrate Tu B’Shevat, or “the birthday of the trees.” This festival ties in beautifully with the modern focus on nature and environmentalism. Tu B’Shevat is sometimes celebrated with a seder during which it’s common to eat fruits and nuts, especially those that are typically found in Israel. This ties back not only to Jewish heritage, but to the land itself.

As part of the Tu B’Shevat seder, four cups of wine represent the different seasons, and different fruits represent different Kabbalistic ideas of creation and earth. Everything consumed during the seder is intentional.

This idea of intentional eating can also bring a holistic change to your health. Whether you choose to cut out sweets, work to bounce back from the holidays, or a just want to find new healthy recipes, our monthly 4-Week Lifestyle challenge can help you bring thoughtfulness to your meals. Learn more about the 4-Week Lifestyle Challenge here.

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