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Giving Experiences As Gifts

Children and Family Baking Classes in Cincinnati

Children and Family Baking Classes in CincinnatiIt’s easy to feel pressured into running through your savings during the holidays. The ones you love surround you, and seeing their faces light up seems to make the cost worth it.

But the price tag doesn’t have to be so steep to make Hanukkah memorable.

The recent trend of giving experiences instead of gifts attests to the desire to live more genuinely.

Here are some ways to make an impact on others – without breaking the bank.

  1. Subscriptions, tickets, and memberships – Whether it’s two tickets to the ballet, or a membership to a museum, these gifts open up the door to learning, exploring, and growing together. And membership deals are usually offered during this season to increase the savings.
  2. Holiday-themed events – Whether you’re partial to drive-through light shows with dancing menorahs, or want a holiday-themed symphony, most cities have events that invigorate audiences with the holiday spirit. Our upcoming Hanukkah at the J events are no exception!
  3. Gifts that Give Back – Giving to a charity during the season is the perfect way to give life-changing experiences to those you love, and help others at the same time.
  4. Craft or cook together – Holidays provide the perfect excuse to enjoy your creations, whether they’re confectionary, or a simple paper craft. Using this time to make gifts, decorations, or treats is a low-budget way to feel more connected.
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