Let's Get Crafty: Creating for Hanukkah

Let’s Get Crafty: Creating for Hanukkah

Posted by wpdev on November 10, 2016 | Share

IMG_98736sdWith the holiday season right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to slow down and make your day meaningful.

Crafting as a family can give children confidence, strengthen relationships, and create lasting memories.

While we encourage you to join us for our upcoming Lego Menorah Building, we wanted to share some ideas for crafting at home.

Thanks to Babble.com, Redtri.com, and Scrumdillydo.com, we have 5 great crafts you can create in anticipation of Hanukkah:

  1. Star of David Mobiles
    Simple pipe cleaners and string create beautiful mobiles that can be used as a focal point in your home decorations.
  2. Handprint Menorah
    Some (washable!) paint, glitter, and paper make this a simple craft with just the right amount of mess, and the perfect keepsake.
  3. Stained Glass Menorah
    This craft allows kids to feel like true artists, creating stained glass with colorful tissue paper! Hang it in your window, and let the sun shine through.
  4. Homemade Wrapping Paper
    With a potato and some paint, you can create wrapping paper that the kids will be thrilled to wrap others’ presents in. Celebrate the season the homemade way!
  5. Homemade Hanukkah Cards
    These handcrafted cards dazzle and sparkle while being oh-so-trendy. Recipients will feel special, and your kids will feel proud of their work.

No matter how your family chooses to celebrate the season, these crafts prove that spending time together can make it that much sweeter.