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3 Quotes on Jewish Disability Advocacy Day

Inclusion and Special Needs Services in Cincinnati

Inclusion and Special Needs Services in CincinnatiProviding an Inclusive environment is very important to us at the JCC. Today, on Jewish Disability Advocacy Day, we take a moment to celebrate the inclusive and adaptive programs we have, we reflect on our opportunities to do more, and we brainstorm ways to engage and inspire our community.

There is a wealth of resources and thought leaders who have a lot to say about the importance of inclusion. Here are 3 great quotes to read and reflect on:

  • “The most important part of being inclusive is getting to know the needs and preferences of individuals with disabilities,” says Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher, L.C.S.W. In her article 11 Ways to Celebrate Jewish Disability Awareness Inclusion Month, Rabbi Mencher lists actionable ideas for businesses, congregations, and people alike.
  • “We are reminded that our actions should reflect that we are part of a world greater than ourselves,” says Nathan Bennett, in his article Jewish Disability Advocacy Day: A Chance to Speak Truth to Power on “There is more to life than what is immediately apparent in my own personal experiences. This humility commands us to act with dignity on behalf of all people, and with consciousness about the ways in which we can adapt to and respect differences.”
  • “It is important to understand that inclusion and participation are not just a matter of charity. They are a demand of justice, and they result in economic benefits,” said Esther Dopheide, CBM. Her article, Inclusion Counts, from Development and Cooperation, discusses the importance and economic benefits to being inclusive.

The JCC works hard to make sure our programs are meeting the needs of all children and adults who enter our facility. Camp at the J provides 1:1 assistance so all campers can enjoy the activities at camp.  We offer adaptive Group Ex and Sports classes on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons to adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. We work closely with the Synagogues to make sure every student who wants to participate in Sunday School can have the ability to learn with an advocate. These are just a few of the inclusion programs we offer at the J.

Check out our Thursday night Zumba class:

During the Month of March, the Mayerson JCC will be honoring Disability Inclusion and Awareness with a variety of events for everyone to learn more about disability inclusion. These events are geared towards professionals who work with individuals with disabilities, families with family members with disabilities, and for people of all ages who have disabilities. We have something for everyone planned!  Events including comedy and improve, lectures on sexuality, understanding legal rights in the school system, listening to music, sports and fitness, learning how Israel provides for people with disabilities, crafting and puppets, Senior movies, a therapeutic hike, and an amazing art show! We encourage you to attend or check out all events! View the full schedule and sign up today!

Let’s keep the conversation happening! For a wealth of knowledge and articles about inclusion, visit the Disabilities Inclusion Learning Center. Learn more about the inclusion programing and services at the J.

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