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Healthy Eating Through The Holidays

Dietitian Workshops in Cincinnati

Dietitian Workshops in CincinnatiBetween the latkes, candy, and big meals during the winter season, your normal diet or meal plan can be led far off-course.

The yearly dread of this happening can take away from the excitement of seeing friends and loved ones. But there’s no reason to duck out of celebrations for fear of over-indulging.

By following some of these tips, you can avoid seasonal weight-gain and refocus your resolutions elsewhere.

  1. Make a dish to take – By bringing your own recipe, you’ll always know that you have at least one healthy dish to enjoy at the party.
  2. Work out regularly to offset the indulgent foodsCalorie Bank Before You Thank and Lifting Before Latkes fitness challenges can help you stay active and in a healthy routine.
  3. Celebrate with activity – Form new traditions that involve getting out and walking around, like the Festival of Lights, and other outdoor events.
  4. Keep a calendar – Plan ahead the nights and events that you’ll be indulging at, so you can keep a more regular schedule and stick to healthier eating on other days.

These are just a few of the simple adjustments that can make big differences in how you feel after the holidays are over.

Get even more advice at our Healthy Eating Through the Holidays  workshop led by Mayerson JCC Dietitian Emily Ludwig on November 9 at 6pm.

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