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Welcome to Israel!, Independence Hall, K’far Hanokdim (Day 8)

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Today was our first day in Israel!! Our flight was at 2:20am from Kraków and we landed around 6:40am in Tel Aviv. We schlepped off the plane, all very sleepy, met our new tour guide and security guide, then got onto our bus and drove about 20 minutes to a beautiful view at one of Tel Aviv’s beautiful beaches. We all ate breakfast together while having time to relax and take in everything around us. After about an hour or so there, we walked through a cute little town called Justice Oasis, which was absolutely gorgeous with its many boutique shops. This lead us into the center of Tel Aviv, where we finally stopped for our first Israeli coffee! We walked up the street and into Independence Hall. We watched a short film and listened to a guide explain how Israel was (finally) able to become an independent state. We sat in the room where Ben Gurion and other leaders declared Israeli independence. Next, we walked to the shook (outdoor market), and we were given a bit of free time! We ate a delicious lunch and shopped around for about an hour. The most exciting part of the day was then, after a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived at the Bedouin camp rode camels!! Finally, we were lead to a big tent, in which tonight we’ll be sleeping side by side, with our Kehilla (community). We’ve each been given a beautifully pattered mattress pad and a sleeping bag. Soon, we’ll end our night with a little more free time, and a bonfire under the Israeli stars.

–Abby Horwitz


So despite the fact that the flight to Israel was at 2:20am, I am so happy I am here. Once I got off the plane, I was tired, but then I smelled the Israeli air and I instantly became sooo excited. We ate Aroma for breakfast and then walked around the Shuk HaKarmel (the Karmel Market) to shop. Going to the Shuk was much needed because I totally under-packed!! Then we drove to the Bedouin tent, rode camels, ate yummy food and relaxed. I loved seeing all the animals at the tent. It was my favorite part. Lastly, we all sat around the campfire and sand songs which was sooo amazing. This was an amazing day and I am so glad I could experience it.

–Sivan Yarchi

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