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Wearables to Stay Fit

WonderWoof Wearable for Dogs

We all love our FitBits, Apple Watches, and Wired wearables. From tracking our steps, to seeing our heart rate, these little tech giants are gaining popularity with every update. There is a lot more to wearable technology than text message notifications! Check out these wearables which make us think beyond the footstep.

Wearables for Kids

Vtech Wearable for KidsVTech Kidizoom Watch DX Toy – You aren’t the only one who wants a smartwatch! This kid version encourages and tracks movements with games and activities, and has a built in camera so your little one can snap a pic or shoot a video whenever they want. The Kidizoom even features an alarm, calculator, and a lock to keep kids from playing games when they shouldn’t.

Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor – This wearable turtle and matching onesies let parents monitor real-time data about their baby. With the app, parents are always connected to their infant’s breathing, sleep activity, body position, and skin temperature.

Mimo Wearable for Kids

iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System – As children are learning to swim, it can be reassuring to know that you have your eyes and ears on them at all times. The iSwimband takes that a step further by notifying parents if a child has been submerged for too long.

iSwimband Wearable for Kids

Wearables for Seniors

Lively 24/7 Emergency Medical Alert System – “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” has moved into the 21st century with Lively, a safety watch and in-home hub with activity sensors.  Lively’s help button connects to a 24/7 team of operators who can help in any emergency situations, but this watch is more than just a button. Seniors can also track their steps and track progress, see missed pill notifications, and can detect falls when worn.

Lively Wearable for Seniors

Proximity Button – For older adults who could wander off, this wearable is an effective and affordable way to keep loved ones safe without intrusive tracking. By connecting to the caregiver’s phone, Proximity simply sends an alert if the patient goes out of bounds. The badge design is forgotten about and unobtrusive for the wearer, and gives family members the reassurance that they are safe and sound.

Proximity Wearable for Seniors

Active ProtectiveActive Wearable for Seniors – Even the smallest falls can cause big problems. This belt offers safety and reassurance by deploying airbags over the hips when it detects a fall. Helping to reduce painful hip injuries, this device can keep seniors active without worry.

Wearables for Pets

WonderWoof Bluetooth Bow Tie – This adorable bow tie keeps tracks of your best friend’s movements throughout the day. It can track their steps, let you know when they are resting, and tell you if your pup is getting the exercise they need based on size, breed, gender, and age. Follow their progress with goals and points earned.

WonderWoof Wearable for Dogs

PawsCam – Don’t just watch The Secret Life of Pets and wonder what your little furball is up to. With PawsCam, you can see! This wearable camera generates videos of your pets adventures. When your pet is on the move, PawsCam creates 6-second videos and sends them to the cloud for you to access and enjoy.

pawscam Wearable for Kids

Tractive 2 GPS and Activity Tracker – Have a pup who is always on the move? With Tractive 2, you can always locate your pet. This GPS tracker connects via an app and displays a 24-hour history of where your pet has been. You can also set up boundaries and get notifications the second your dog leaves your yard or if the tracker comes off for any reason.


Now every member of your family can enjoy wearable technology to enhance everyday activities. How do you use these devices? Let us know!

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