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Tzfat, Dead Sea, Camels & the Beduin Tents (Day 9)

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Reflection from Jessie Gallop:

Waking up in Israel this morning was such an amazing, comforting feeling. The air is warm, the landscape is breathtaking, and the overall mood is light. I have been to Israel once before, but this time it is different. Being in Poland prior to this has made me way more appreciative of this unique and welcoming country. In Poland, we were constantly learning about the dehumanization and mass murder of the Jewish people, but now being in a country where the majority of the population is Jewish has made me realize that the Jewish people are here and will be forever.

Today, we started off the day in Tzfat, the birthplace of Kabballah (Jewish mystcism). First we started by walking down the most narrow passageway in the Middle East. Then, we went to the first Kabballah synogogue followed by the market. After that, we went to the Dead Sea which is 1500 feet below sea level aka the lowest elevation on earth. We all applied mud to our bodies and floated in the sea. Although the salty water stung a lot to say the least, it was very cool.

After we were done at the Dead Sea, we drove through the Negev Desert to the Bedouin tents. When we got to the tents we rode camels. When the camels stood up and sat down it was pretty nerve wracking. Follow the camel rides, we got to experience a traditional Bedouin style dinner. We at laffa bread, hummus, couscous, and several other foods. Next, we went to visit a Bedouin house lady who taught us all about the Bedouin lifestyle. We learned that men can have up to 4 wives and that coffee plays a significant role in their social lives. The Bedouin woman who spoke to us was unique. She traveled to Germany and made her own movie, “Against All Odds.”

Lastly, we all had a campfire and met Phil’s brother! He also likes Fiona the hippo. We sang campfire songs, made smores, and had a great time. Israel is so much fun.


Beduin Tent & Camels (Day9)

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