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Reflections from Steph Mather:

This concludes our journey on the March of the Living, It has been an amazing trip, full of all kinds of emotions and experiences. Although our time in Israel has come to an end, I think I speak for all of us when I say that our March of the Living experiences will continue to impact us for the rest of our lives.

One thing that has remained in my mind throughout the trip is the Hebrew verb zachor- to remember. This word has been important to me coming from Poland to Israel because it symbolizes everything this journey stands for. To me, it serves as a reminder of all the experiences I’ve shared with my new (and old) friends. It is imperative to always remember the stories we’ve heard even as we integrate back into our daily lives As one of the Holocaust survivors Irene shared with me, her generation is dying off, and it’s even more important to keep her and everyboy else affected by the Holocaust in our memories. We are the last generation who will hear the firsthand testimonies of survivors.

Zachor symbolizes the importance of remembering the darkness of Poland so that we will never repeat our tragic past; however, it also represents the light of Israel we will never forget. Learning about how the state came to be deepened my appreciation and understanding of Israel. I will never forget the importance of this country to my  people. I will never forget my roots, I will never forget the bonds I’ve made with my new friends, and I will never forget the six million.

-Steph Mather, Sycamore HS

During our journey, we’re sharing a few highlight photos per day in our daily blog, yet to see ALL of our photos (many per day), go to our shared album here.

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