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The Oy Vey 5K is Back! A Q & A with the Co-Chairs

The Oy Vey 5K is back again at the Mayerson JCC. This year’s proceeds will support the J’s Sports and Recreation programs. The co-chairs, Shana and Marc Brafman, are excited to support the event and see everyone there!  

Why is the Oy Vey 5K important to you? 

Marc: Since I play softball and coached in the JCC’s Blue Jays organization, the fact that the money goes directly back to two of the most important programs that the JCC runs means a lot to me. Having grown up going to the JCC and watching my dad play softball as a kid, I love that all the money raised goes back to such an important organization—not only to me and my family, but to the entire Jewish community and the Cincinnati community at large. 
Shana: I come to the Oy Vey 5K to see my friends and feel connected to the Cincinnati Jewish community. The J is the place where we can all gather no matter what temple we belong to, or don’t belong to at all, or whether we identify as Reform, Conservative or Orthodox. I love that it’s an activity that my non-Jewish friends can participate in as well. It’s a gathering of so many of our friends and other familiar faces. 

How have you seen it impact the Mayerson JCC?  

Marc: The impact that the money raised that I’ve seen is better uniforms, updated facilities, and programs that not only kids and parents benefit from, but so does the J. From a softball standpoint, we play on great fields, have a post-season awards banquet and pay our umps each year to come and work our games. I don’t know how many leagues in town have all of that going for it. Same goes for Mr. Mike Creemer and the Blue Jays. The Oy Vey is so important because, without it and the money we raise, we won’t have as many nice benefits that we all take for granted now. 

Why should people come out and run/walk in the 5K this year? 

Marc: Anyone that has ever had a kid, played for the Blue Jays, or is related to someone who has played in the softball or basketball, or now pickleball, league knows that the JCC is a great place to build community and meet lifelong friends. At our softball banquet this year, we gave out the first ever Ron Rose Rookie of the Year Award. Ron played or was involved in the league for more than 50 years and loved the JCC and the softball league. That to me is why the Oy Vey 5K is so important: to continue to raise money for the great programs the JCC has to offer, which bring lifelong memories to those who participate. Also, they get a fun shirt! 

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