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Q&A with J Classic Chairs

We are excited for another year of the J Classic! Starting in 1995 as the Adams Classic, this annual fundraiser has brought the community together. All proceeds from the J Classic support services and programs of the Mayerson JCC including Meals on Wheels, the JCC Senior Center, the JCC Early Childhood School, Camp at the J and financial aid for those in need—just to name a few.   

This year’s co-chairs Bob Oestreicher and Jake Warm are excited to have everyone join in the celebration. Learn more about why they support the J Classic and what you can expect this year.
Why did you get involved in the committee for the J Classic?   
Jake Warm: I attended the Par-Tee for the first time last year. I saw firsthand the energy around the event, though I did not come for the Classic itself, and when Bob Oestreicher asked me if I wanted to get involved, it was an easy answer from there. 
Bob Oestreicher: I joined the J’s board a few years ago, and it became clear pretty quickly how important the J Classic is to the organization. Not only is it our biggest fundraiser each year, but it is an excellent opportunity to showcase all that the J does in the community, and it leaves people feeling great about the organization. When I got the chance to chair the event, I jumped at it! 

What are some of your favorite memories or events of the J Classic?    
Jake: With last year being my first time attending, this is a little easier and tougher depending on how I look at it. The comradery and energy at the Par-Tee were amazing. Seeing the community gathered together and having fun is always special to me. 
Bob: I don’t get to play golf very often, so it’s a great opportunity to get out on a beautiful course with good company and have some fun. I also love to see folks in the community reconnect at dinner and the Par-Tee. 

How would you encourage someone to participate in the J Classic this year?  
Jake: Come out and see what it’s about! It won’t disappoint. 

Bob: Obviously, I’d like to see folks sign up to participate in one of the events (golf is full, but I think there is still some availability in tennis, pickleball, canasta, etc.), but I’d especially like to see people come out for the Course of Caterers dinner, and for the younger folks (and the young at heart), I’d like to encourage staying for the Par-Tee! Most importantly, I want to see folks having fun. The J Classic is a great day to celebrate the J and connect people to the organization and its work. 

The J Classic supports the Mayerson JCC. Why is the JCC important to our community?  
Jake: It is a community asset that helps connect our Jewish community as well as our broader Cincinnati community. Not a lot of places do both. It’s a place that houses many things such as education, fitness, etc.! The list goes on and on.  

Bob: From the youngest of us —the JCC Early Childhood School —to the oldest —the JCC Senior Center —the J is a hub for our community. It brings us together in a special way that no other community organization does. To that end, it’s critical that we support the J with our time and our dollars. 

Jake Warm
Jake Warm
Bob Oestreicher
Bob Oestreicher
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