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Q&A with Personal Trainer Jen Weichert

JenWeichertPersonal Trainer Jen Weichert has been with the Mayerson JCC for six years. In that time, she’s developed a full client list and is known for working with individuals with injuries. 

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jen, we wanted to give you an opportunity to learn a little more about her and what she does. 

Mayerson JCC: What is your favorite thing about being a trainer at the J?
Jen Weichert: It’s the people! I’ve been here for six years. 90% of my clients, I’ve had for at least four years. During that time, you develop a personal relationship. Your clients become your friends – they call you, and sometimes come to the J just to see you. Aside from getting to be their personal trainer, I love making those relationships.

Mayerson JCC: What’s your training background and education?
Jen Weichert: I started training 10 years ago and my certification is ISSA (International Sports & Science Association). I worked with one of the top trainers in Cincinnati for a year, and worked for another gym after that. This is the best place I’ve been.

Mayerson JCC: What made you realize that you wanted to be a trainer?
Jen Weichert: I had my kids and I was a stay-at-home mom. I was having anxiety, and I determined that I needed to get out of the house more. I started working at the front desk of a gym and making smoothies there. I saw the other trainers there and felt like, “I could do this!” Exercising is the best cure for anxiety, and it really set me free.

Mayerson JCC: What would you say your training and fitness specialties are?
Jen Weichert: I have a BOSU Balance Specialty Certifitcation, and a Breast Cancer Recovery certification. I work in functional fitness, balance, and core strength. I like to use multi-combination exercises where clients work more than one muscle group at a time.

Mayerson JCC: Personal training is very diverse. Do you have any advice for people looking for a trainer?
Jen Weichert: Every one of our trainers is so different. Consider things like injuries, and if you want to lift heavy weights. You have to find the person that’s willing to work with you and modify for your abilities and needs.

Mayerson JCC: What can someone expect during their first training session?
Jen Weichert: I know that people can be nervous during their first session, so I do my best to make new clients feel comfortable. I’ll put a routine together for them and write it down for them so they can do the exercises on their own. I also write down the reps and weight that they’re using so they know exactly what they’ll be doing.

Mayerson JCC: How many times per week do you suggest people work out?
Jen Weichert: I suggest four times per week for older individuals. For fit people, I’d suggest six times per week with a day of rest. Train three days of weight training, and mix it up with three days of cardio (walking, elliptical, treadmill).

Mayerson JCC: What advice do you have for people who are embarking on new fitness goals or journeys?
Jen Weichert: Always have your ultimate goal in mind so you constantly have something to work toward. It will keep you motivated and remind you of why you started.

Now that you know a little more about Jen and her services, be sure to say “hi” when you see her in the J, and feel free to learn more about personal training here.

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