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Yom HaAtzmaut Day, March of the Living (Jerusalem), Mega Event (Day 12)

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Today began with a chance to sleep in, which was desperately needed after last night’s Yom Haatzmaut celebrations. As we walked to our bus, remnants of the massive parties in Tel Aviv covered the streets in the form of glitter, confetti, and silly string. We then set off for the day’s main event- the march in Jerusalem! If the word to describe our march in Poland was remembrance, then today’s word was exuberance. Thousands marched through the Old City over cobblestone streets and buildings that have been there for at least hundreds of years, decked out in MOTL gear and Israeli flags. We sang and danced our way to the Western Wall, where some of us took the opportunity to pray again and some of us mingled with delegations from Belgium and Argentina. Afterwards, we were back on the road, save for a quick stop at McDonald’s (side note: American McDonald’s seriously needs to get caramel syrup McFlurry’s). We arrived in Latrun, which was the site for a massive MOTL dance party and concert. Groups from 50 different countries all gathered and danced and sang together to everything from Uptown Funk to Hallelujah to Hatikvah. It was an incredible reminder that the people of Israel do indeed live on. AM YISRAEL CHAI!!

–Hannah Waskowitz

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