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Magical morning in Jerusalem 

Today was an adventurous day in Jerusalem! We went to the old city and explored the Jewish Quarter. Before that though, we ventured off into the Hezikiah Tunnel. This tunnel was unlike any other tunnel. It was pitch black, water up to our knees, narrow walls, and very low ceiling. The tunnel took about 45 minutes and was around 600 meters. Right after we finished that we ventured off into yet another tunnel. This tunnel was used for the old city for the sewer system. The smell was pretty was bad, but it was bearable. It was a bit longer than the first tunnel we did, but we had light and this one was bigger. 

After all that, I bought myself some Israeli chocolate and enjoyed the nice weather. As I grabbed my stuff to head towards the Kotel, I was taking multiple pictures with my GoPro. I was able to grab a great shot of the Kotel with having the Dome of the Rock in the background. When I approached the Kotel, I was able to wrap tefillin and have a moment with God. I took my note and put it in the crevasse of the Wall. 5 years ago, I got Bar Mitzvahed at the Western Wall, so being at this site was a very magical moment for me. I’ll see you again in a few years, Israel. Am Yisrael Chai. 

-Max Fritzhand, Sycamore High School 

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