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Lag B’Omer Crafts for Kids & Parents

While Lag B’Omer is traditionally an outdoorsy event, there’s no reason to miss out if it’s raining or you have little ones. Here are a few crafts that are safe and fun for the whole family (indoors & out)!

1. Safe Paper Campfire – Fill paper lunch sacks with tissue paper, stack them, and surround them with rocks to create an indoor campfire that is safe and entertaining for everyone.

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2. Handprint Fires – Get washable paints for kids to minimize the mess. Put orange and red paint onto a paper plate, dip their hand into the paint, and press their handprint onto a piece of cardstock. Two logs below finish the campfire. You can also keep this craft for years to come – after all, their hands won’t stay that small!

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3. Counting the Omer Calendar – An old shutter, twine, clothespins and paper bags create a calendar that the whole family can gather round for the counting of the Omer. The small bags can hold an activity, treat, or anything else you can imagine to help engage your children.

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Regardless of how you recognize Lag B’Omer, this 33rd day of Omer is for rejoicing and spending time with loved ones. So light a bonfire (or create your own), and take in the festivities!

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