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Keeping Cool with Aquatic Workouts

women exercising in the poolThis summer, move your workout to the water! Working out in the water offers plenty of different health benefits. Water increases resistance, forcing your muscles to work harder and in different ways, therefore burning more calories. At the same time, your body’s buoyancy in water makes aquatic workouts much easier on your joints.

In addition to the simple bonus that comes from switching up your workout to avoid reaching a plateau, water workouts offer a great opportunity to get in some cardio without worrying about breaking a sweat. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the repetitive motions that come with swimming laps can also be meditative and effective at relieving stress. Not a strong swimmer? Try aquatic group ex or aquatic personal training here at the J!

JCC Personal Trainer Kelly Greulich’s aquatic workout classes are always popular. “There are many benefits of working out in swimming pools,” Kelly explained. “Not only is it easier to stay cooler in a pool, but the workout itself has massive perks including weight loss, cardiovascular endurance and stress relief!”

Want to add a bonus heart-healthy benefit? Visit the sauna after your swim! Harvard Health Publishing notes that 15 minutes in a sauna can offer cardiovascular benefits by boosting your heart rate and potentially lowering blood pressure. Be sure to check with your doctor, then unwind after your water workout with a post-swim schvitz!

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