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From North to South 

Hello family and friends! 
It was day 2 in Israel and it was a fun filled day! First we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast with eggs that weren’t hard boiled, very exciting for us. We then went boarded our bus and headed towards Tzfat. There, we learned about a synagogue and the history of Tzfat and the holy cities. Afterwards we got some shopping time which is always fun for us girls. 
After shopping and looking at beautiful views, we took a drive to get some lunch and really good iced coffee from Aroma. It was pretty delicious and it came with a free little chocolate:)

Once we ate, we drove a few more hours to the Dead Sea where we swam out and floated there! Most of us put mud all over us to then go in because it makes your skin really soft. It was super fun and a really cool experience to have, although a lot of us felt a burning feeling in at least one body part because of shaving and cuts, but it was definitely worth it.

After jumping out of the Dead Sea, we took another drive along the coast of Israel to Kfar Hanokdim where we got to ride camels (my personal favorite)!!! We all rode camels that smelled pretty bad, made weird noises, and pooped a lot. But it was one of the greatest, most unforgettable experience in my life. We all named our camels and took lots of pictures and selfies, so don’t worry:)

We then settled in to our place for the night, the Bedouin tents. Here, we were kindly welcomed by the family that lives here with yummy tea. We learned about the Bedouin culture and got some really good food, even though I’m not sure what it was, but it was delicious! We then got to shop (again) at the little store.

Once spending some time exploring and sitting around the campfire, we got to go on a little walk to the middle of the desert, and looked at the stars. We sat in silence to reflect upon our day, our week, and our lives. It was quite peaceful and I could not be more grateful for this entire experience. I have made some wonderful friendships and have loved every minute of this trip. I am so so so excited for what else will come and am not really ready to come home yet! (Just kidding dad)

-Avery Harris, Sycamore High School 

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