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Creating Fun And Engaging Events for 20s & 30s: The 20s & 30s Committee

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While many people join in the wonderful young adult events happening in the Jewish community, they might not realize what it takes to put on these fun and engaging events. Mayerson JCC Programming and Engagement Professional LuLu Gordon formed the 20s & 30s Committee to bring together young adults in the community. We sat down with LuLu to learn more about it. 

What was the reason for forming the 20s & 30s Committee? 

I created this committee for a few reasons. Mainly, while I can plan events that I personally think are fun, the goal of my job is to plan events and engagement opportunities that everyone will enjoy. My committee members give me feedback and new ideas, which is important to ensure everyone in the community sees fun events that make them want to get involved. The committee has also been helping me plan, set up and execute these 20s & 30s events. 

What is your role in the committee? 

My role is to guide the conversation in our meetings and follow through with their ideas. I want them to feel like they are part of a committee that hears what they’re saying and values their ideas. 

What are the goals of the 20s & 30s Committee? 

The goal of the 20s & 30s Committee is to make sure that everyone in the young professional Jewish community sees something going on that they have interest in. It was important to me to find people who had a mixture of backgrounds. Some people grew up a little more religious, some people are new to Cincinnati, and some people have lived here their whole lives. Because of that, we can diversify programming so that everyone feels included. 

Who are the members?  

Our members are community members – friends, coworkers, people you see every day! We are always willing to expand our committee if anyone is interested as well. The committee is currently made up of Orly Biton, Jeremy Wittenbaum, Jason Greenberg, and Kayla Berenson. 

How do you see this committee helping the JCC? 

The committee encourages young adults to be interested in committee-driven work. It’s nice for young adults to understand how integral the JCC is to the Jewish community and how much goes into running our organization. Our committee works hard, and all their work is displayed when our events fill up with people who are excited to participate! 

What are some upcoming young adult events that you would like to share? 

We have a lot of programming coming up. On February 28, we have an Israel Support Gathering at the J. This will be a place where people can ask questions about October 7 and the war, and hopefully where people can feel comfortable expressing how they feel and find comfort in talking to others in our community about it. 

On March 21, we have a Purim Party at Flying Pig, a bar in Oakley. We will have karaoke, pizza, and we encourage everyone to dress up as their favorite singer! There will be a mixture of kosher and non-kosher food.   

I also want to announce the Par-Tee on May 30 at Losantiville Country Club. This event caps off the J Classic, the Mayerson JCC’s biggest annual fundraiser. Attendees can enjoy a by-the-bite dining experience, schmoozing with friends, and a lovely summer day.  

With most of our events, we have partnered with other organizations, which expands our reach in the community. It’s a great way to host more events and build a stronger community. 

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