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5 Benefits of Learning to Swim by Age 5

American Red Cross Swim Lessons in Cincinnati

Summer has come to a close but learning how to swim is always in season! While strengthening your strokes is an ageless pursuit, we can think of many advantages to ditching the water wings early in life. Read on for our top five favorites:

  1. Socialization. Learning how to swim opens up a new avenue for children to make friends outside of preschool or scheduled play dates. Spending time with their peers during swim lessons or afternoons at the pool primes kids for kindergarten and beyond. Plus, pool buddies are a wonderful part of childhood summers and can easily turn into year round friendships.
  1. Exercise. It’s no secret that doing laps, treading water and just generally splashing around are all excellent workouts. Instilling a love and proficiency for swimming in children at an early age introduces healthy habits that can last a lifetime.
  1. Safety. Early swim lessons teach toddlers potentially lifesaving skills, such as breathing techniques and fundamental floating methods. Children carry these skills with them wherever they encounter a body of water, whether it’s the neighbor’s above ground pool or the Pacific Ocean on a family vacation.
  1. Confidence. From blowing bubbles to kicking up water, each new lesson in the pool gives children a chance to accomplish something new and build self-esteem. With the right instructors, swim lessons provide a wonderfully supportive environment where kids can learn, grow and develop confidence as they meet each new challenge.
  1. Fun! Water slides, pool games, diving boards, underwater handstands – the list goes on and on. Once kids become comfortable in the water, there’s no shortage of ways for them to get in on the aquatic fun. Childhood only lasts so long…shouldn’t part of it be spent in the pool?

The Mayerson JCC offers a variety of swim lesson options for children ages 6 months and up. Click here or call 513.722.7251 to learn more.

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