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Avoiding the Summer Slide

PJ Library Create Your Own Seder Plate Event in Cincinnati

Early Childhood School Summer ProgramAhhh…summer. A time of ice cream cones, and sun lounging.

But when the fun of the season screeches to a halt, are your kids left overwhelmed? What about you? After all, finding a routine after weeks of downtime can be difficult for parents and children.

It is possible to relax, have a blast, and still not lose momentum and motivation this season. Here’s how (and why) this is important. (Suggestions adapted from Homeroom, the Official Blog of the US Department of Education)

1. Keep Them Reading: By reading through the summer, kids are less likely to experience summer reading loss, where their learning skills plateau or slide backward. When school starts back up, your kids will be able to pick up where they left off, instead of fighting to reach where they were.
How the J Helps: PJ Library. With regular community events and books sent to homes, our PJ Library program keeps parent-child bonding and reading strong.

2. Get Creative: Now’s the time to encourage your children’s imagination. Whether you’re completing arts/crafts together, or visiting interactive museum exhibits, encourage them to find their voice through the arts.
How the J Helps: With children’s classes and events like our upcoming Josh & The Jamtones concert, classes, and Camp at the J, we facilitate growth and creative fearlessness.

3. Stay Active: With a less regimented schedule, some children significantly drop in their physical activity level. By keeping your children registered in sports or by using regular park visits, it can help curb a lack of activity (and keep them sleeping better at night!).
How the J Helps: With soccer and softball leagues, swimming lessons, and dance classes, the J keeps kids moving and having fun while doing it.

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