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A great host family experience 

As we were waiting for our host to meet us at the school, we were anxious, and curious. What kind of person would we be living with for the day? Miri walked into the school courtyard where we were waiting and greeted us with a warming hug. She was a beautiful girl with brown curly hair and tan skin. 
We picked up our luggage and headed towards the car. She had to help Alyssa carry her things because she had all too many bags. As we were walking she informed us that it was also her Mother’s birthday. After we loaded the luggage into the car we headed to her home and say happy birthday. Her mom took a longer route home to show us the beach near them, since we had shown interest. 

After the short ride we arrived to her home. She lived in a tan brick building on the first floor. Once we walked into the front door she showed us our warm bed for the night. Her mother begins cooking us a meal, and even accommodates for the vegetarian, Sydney. She cooked us spaghetti and schnitzel, and a special salad and veggie burger for Sydney. 

Later in the evening we went to the beach and relaxed. Miri told us that tonight, we would party in celebration of independence, but during the day we are respectful and mourn the lost Israeli soldiers. We later began preparing for the evening and find ourselves laughing and giggling in the process. Miri then took us to a mini bus that brought us to the street party the next city over. We met all eight of her girlfriends, who greeted us warmly and insisted on adding us both on all forms of social media! Once we arrived we met the boys of their group, who swarmed us and began asking us questions chaotically. It was almost as if we were celebrities. As the madness began to calm down, we all began talking and getting to know each other better. Two boys talked to us about the IDF, and expressed great pride in Israel and in serving their country. 

The night was filled with fun while we celebrated for hours at the street party. From conversing with new people and creating new friendships to dancing and singing to unfamiliar songs, it really made us more connected and informed on the culture of Israel. 

-Sydney Adams-Lasse and Alyssa Kurzner, Walnut Hills High School

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