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7 Ways to Reduce Stress at The J

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Life can be stressful! 50 hour weeks, taking the kids to school and sports. Life doesn’t slow down. Make time for yourself and de-compress at the JCC.

When you enter The J, we want it to be different. When you step through our doors we want you to thrive. With warmer weather just around the corner, we are thinking about the pleasures of life and reducing stress. Here are seven ways you can de-stress right here. Take advantage of them!

  1. Get yourself moving in our state of the art fitness center. A pumping heart and moving body is a classic equation for less stress. Exercise releases endorphins (our “feel good” chemical), reduces our stress hormones, and gives you a sense of control over your body. Whether your style is to work out solo or need to be in a class, we have it all. While we all know exercise reduces stress, here is how.
  1. Breathe deep in a yoga class. There’s something about being barefoot, quiet and focused. You focus only on the present and shedding your tight muscles for mindful poses. The stretches, breaths and thoughts you’ll take on the journey of a single yoga class can help you walk out feeling like a lighter and more refreshed version of yourself. There are endless benefits to slowing down, but here are 38 reasons to get you started.
  1. Let The J take your kids off your hands. The laughs, smiles and memories make it hard to part with your little one. But when you‘d like to take a little “me” time and workout, it’s okay to let The J be in charge. We offer Club J and J Play for drop-in childcare conveniently located right outside our fitness center for that very reason. With professional caretakers and plenty of entertainment, you can feel good about your time apart.
  1. Enjoy a friend’s company at The J Café. Sharing time with friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Friends have the ability to push us to grow and expand, all while taking the burden away of going at life alone. Next time you see a friend in the café take a seat and chat. You never know how your shared laughs and experiences will leave you feeling after!
  1. Discover the benefits of Massage. We all like to be pampered, and massages are the age-old favorite of treating yourself to relaxation. Whether it’s our quiet, dimly-lit spa, or our muscle’s cry for attention, a day at the J Spa can feel like a relief before you even lay down. Along with countless other benefits, massages increase blood flow, lower heart rate, and decrease muscle tension.
  1. Take a swim. Water is therapeutic. Between the full-body, rhythmic workout of swimming laps and the circulation improvement that our whirlpool spa provides, water brings more than just great summer memories. With indoor and outdoor pools, a whirlpool spa and a splash park, we have more than enough water to make for a relaxing visit.
  1. Take advantage of our community here. “Community” is not just in our name, but is a way of life here at The J. All you have to do is find your place in it. Being part of a community gives a sense of belonging, security, and self-worth. Whether it’s taking a class, attending a family-friendly event, or working out with a group, you have a built in support system here to work towards a more meaningful, less stressful way of life.
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