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6 Ways Biking Can Improve Your Day

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Page-Israel-Bike-and-HikeMay is National Bike Month, which is fitting, since summer is upon us! That means longer days, more time outside, and generally speaking: more activity.

Cycling has exploded as a trend in recent years, with many cities improving and adopting bike lanes, and bike stores popping up all over. The diversity of the cycling scene isn’t to be missed. There’s everything from professional-level racing bikes to DIY shops that fabricate their own frames.

Even if you can’t incorporate biking into your everyday routine, there’s so many ways that biking can improve your day. Here are six of them:

1. Daily Boost – According to, biking boosts your brain. “When you pedal, you also force more nerve cells to fire.” You’re growing your smarts – that alone is motivation to hop on your bike and ride!
2. Better Your Body – Cycling is less wear and tear on joints and knees than running, but you’re getting a solid workout. It’s more sustainable than many workouts that shock the body, meaning you’ll be able to do it for years!
3. Exploration – Driving through your town or city, you can feel like you know every nook and cranny. But when you take to the pavement close-up, you can gain a much stronger appreciation of the nuances of your neighborhood.
4. Save Money – Many boutique workouts can cost quite a bit, but with cycling, many trails are free, and there’s no time limit. You can save money on gas if you commute with a bike, and involve the whole family in a fun form of exercise without breaking the bank!
5. Cross Training – If you’re an athlete, jumping on your bike can help you with cross-training for virtually any sport. It can improve endurance, your cardiovascular functioning, and coordination!
6. Deeper Sleeping – What do you do once you’ve burned off that energy? By biking more, you’ll have more sound sleep, less interruption, and you’ll actually be tired when the clock says it’s bedtime. No more late-night Netflix marathons!

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These are only a handful of the ways biking can improve your day – and your life! Every action has a ripple effect, so get rolling and hit the trails today.

Don’t have a bike? No worries! We offer Spinning Classes and are currently running a Trek to Israel exercise challenge to get you going.

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