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Afternoon Enrichment offers exciting new options for kids

Children in a ballet class during Afternoon Enrichment

Children in a ballet class during Afternoon EnrichmentThis fall, the J launched its new Afternoon Enrichment program which builds on the strengths of its well-known Children & Family classes while catering to the needs of growing kids as they begin to transition from toddlerhood to school-age.

The redesigned curriculum is based around scheduled “blocks” that alternate between active classes and more low-key learning, designed for kids who have given up a mid-day nap, but are still adjusting to a full day of activity. “We wanted to provide a way to keep them busy and learning,” explains Youth & Family Programming Specialist Devra Silverman.

The full schedule of classes offered this fall includes everything from active classes like swimming, soccer, and karate to educational classes focused on math and phonics. Afternoon enrichment classes let kids stretch their imaginations and explore other interests, from meditation and art, to outdoor exploration and world travel – even dinosaurs!

Specific classes offered will change with each new quarterly session, but the core active/calm structure will remain constant. “We want children to build on their basic foundation of math, science, and reading, and sports, but also find time to be creative with new exciting classes. We hope to create well-rounded experiences to encourage kids to continue to learn and grow,” Devra said.

Learn more about our kids’ classes here!

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