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Sukkah Art Exhibit in Cincinnati

Over 40 local Cincinnati organizations have been creating their own stories while brainstorming, sketching, and painting their way through to their final project. These organizations are creating large panels of art to contribute to the Mayerson JCC’s Sukkah Art Exhibit, “Under One Roof” in celebration of Sukkot*.

This year’s theme for the Sukkah Art Exhibit is “Food for the body, Food for the soul”. Each mixed-media art panel will be exploring the theme in their own unique way. As each organization works towards their final piece of art, they find their organization intertwining a story around their journey of art making.

The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health panel was created by a surgeon, Dr. Michelle Andrews, who later in life found a love for painting and became an artist in addition to being one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the country. The organization began with five thumbnail sketches of different scenes they felt embodied the theme. A committee was then formed to decide which of those sketches should be incorporated. Dr. Andrews then painted the final product incorporating the entire group’s ideas.

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is partnering with Melodic Connections, a music therapy organization. Elementz, a youth hip hop community created theirs in Washington Park where the Cincinnati community surrounded their art making.

On October 1st, we will be having an Art Reception at the  Sukkah Art Exhibit where each organization will have a representative by their creation to share the process and story behind it.

The stories continue as the exhibit opens with schools such as Rockwern, St.X and Nativity come to learn about Sukkot and interact with the art. Yoga classes will be held, as well as meals, and senior activities.

Be a part of this special time here at the J and expand your own story being a part of this community collaboration and exploring the art of so many hard working organizations. The exhibit is free and open to all from September 28th to October 11th. Learn more and RSVP at not cost for the Art Reception here.

*Sukkot, a Hebrew word meaning “booths,” refers to the Jewish festival of giving thanks for the fall harvest. It also commemorates the 40 years of the Israelites wandering in the desert after Sinai. One of the ways to celebrate Sukkot is to build a sukkah, a temporary booth or hut outside one’s home. It is traditional to welcome guests into one’s sukkah to share a meal and socialize. This year, Sukkot begins at sundown on September 27 and ends at sundown on October 4.

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