Create Your Jewish Legacy

Legacy is what you leave behind for your loved ones, and your community.

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Anyone can do it. It’s easy to do.

By making a legacy gift, you invest in your values and make a difference in Jewish lives, year after year. It’s easy to do. It’s revocable at any time. There are many ways to do it, but when your gift comes through, you will be supporting the Jewish community forever.

Why Create a Legacy? 

Leaving a legacy for generations to come.

We all want to be remembered when we are gone and know that the people and causes we care about will continue to thrive. That’s why we make plans in our wills for our children and grandchildren. And that’s why you should consider making sure that the Cincinnati Jewish community is remembered in your estate plans.

Creating a Jewish legacy empowers you to support the Jewish causes you care about.

The beauty of a Jewish legacy is that it’s yours to create! You can leave a legacy gift to any Cincinnati Jewish agency, congregation or cause that’s close to your heart – including PJ Library. Chances are you already donate to these organizations, programs, or causes. But legacy gifts big and small help sustain organizations through the ups and downs of annual giving. By only withdrawing the interest earned from your invested legacy gift, the original amount is never depleted, and organizations can count on those funds long into the future.

All this and more inspired our parents and grandparents to leave a strong Jewish community for those who came after them. By creating a Jewish legacy, you continue their work and ensure that what you value about Jewish life sustains and enriches future generations here in Cincinnati.

Simple Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

What will your legacy be?
  • Retirement account, IRA, or life insurance: Use what you need during your lifetime, and designate a percentage of what’s left to the community by designating charitable organizations as a beneficiary of your account.
  • Will or trust: Putting a charitable organization in your will or trust is a simple way to make a gift—and sends a message that the community is also one of your heirs.
  • Other ways: There are many other ways to make a legacy gift depending on your situation. Explore your options and contact us if you would like guidance or advice.

Contact us to learn more about creating a legacy gift.

Our legacy donors are people just like you who want to see their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren enjoy all the benefits of a strong and vibrant Jewish Community Center.

Mayerson JCC’s Create Your Own Jewish Legacy Society Members

Deborah Abrams
Judith Adams
Ami & Joshua Ackerman
Judith Aronoff
Nathan & Marcie Bachrach
Amy & Michael Bailes
Pam Barnett
Richard & Sara Behrman
Bob & Suzi Brant
Debbie & Jody Brant
Joseph Brant
Susan Brenner & Steven Mombach
Barbara Brown
Craig & Frances Coleman
Adell & Malcolm Coleman*
Trudy & Rob Craig
Amy Diamond
Alyce & Joel Ellison
Ross & Jan Evans
Arna & Robert Fisher
Evelyn & Marc Fisher
Mel* & Roberta Fisher
Lindsay & Joshua Frankel
Greg Franklin
Chris & Vallie Freeman
Mert & Rick Friedman
Roslyn Friedman
Eddie & Lana Gallop
Sasha Goldblatt*
Betsy Goldfarb
Carrie & Ken Goldhoff
Dr. Richard & Karen Goodman
Dr. James & Mrs. Jann Greenberg
Beth & Louis Guttman
Cynthia & Harold Guttman
Lauren & Seth Guttman
Josh & Ari Handel
David Harris
Joseph Hiudt
Ken & Teri Hiudt
Marty & Sally Hiudt
Sanford & Cindy Hiudt
Zac & Shari Hiudt
Ronnen Isakov & Dr. Lara Danzinger-Isakov
Rabbi Shena & Brian Jaffee
Scott & Patricia Joseph
Meryl & Steve Juran
Judy & Michael Kadetz
David & Sylvalee Kaplan*
Bill & Arlene Katz
Janyce Katz
Jerry & Nancy Klein
Dr. Ken* & Barbara Kreines
Rick & Betsy Lefton
Hamilton & Debbie Lempert
Ed & Ina Loftspring
Randy & Bonnie Loftspring
Evelyn Margolin
Mitchell S. Meyers*
Lisa & Jonathan Mezibov
James A. Miller
Joel & Susan Moskowitz
Brett Musick
Ilana & Neil Nadel
Sarah & Mark Newman
Robert & Jennifer Oestreicher
Nina & Ed Paul
Cory Pollock & Rachel Pauls
Eleanor G. & Arnold P. Payton*
Bob & Wendy Pelberg
Judy & Mark Petricoff
Joel & Marisa Phillips
Steve & Penny Pomeranz
Dale Rabiner*
Ron Rose*
Joshua Rosen
Robert & Cynthia Rosen
Carol & Roger Rosenthal
Judith Roth
Dr. Michael & Rosemary* Safdi
Martha Saltzman*
Millard Samuels*
Ephraim Saphir*
Craig & Anna Sarembock
Rachel & Steven Schild
Sarah Weiss & Todd Schild
Abby & David Schwartz
Howard & Susan Schwartz
Andrew & Sally Shott
Jan & Don Shuller
John & Nancy Silverman
Simply Giving
Tamar & Elliot Smith
Alan and Julie Solomon
Corky & Ellen Steiner
Rick Steiner*
Josephine G. Stillpass
Bob & Marcia Sugerman
Brooke & Brad Wagner
Amy Susskind-Weiskopf
Sherri & Adam Symson
Robert & Marlene Tulch*
Jeff & Deb Wacksman
Dick Weiland*
Babette & Hillard Weinberg*
Julie Glazer Weisser
Alan* & Louise Wolf
David & Sarah Wise
David & Nancy Wolf
Edward Wolf
Jonathan Wolf
Scott & Natalie Wolf
Holly & Josh Wolfson
Judith & Mark Workman
Glen Wright*
Max Yamson & Elida Kamine Yamson
Mike* & Carolyn Youkilis
Andrea Levenson-Young & Scott Young
Felicia H. Zakem
Doris Zipperstein*

*of blessed memory

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Create Your Jewish Legacy Stories

Members of our community, just like you, shared their stories with us, which will now be preserved for future generations.

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