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Why the J: A Q&A with Eddie Wolf and Amy Diamond

Eddie Wolf and Amy Diamond

The J is only able to fulfill our mission of connecting people so that they can live happier, fuller lives because of the support of our volunteers and donors. They play a role in building a vibrant Jewish community. We caught up with Eddie Wolf and Amy Diamond to hear about why they are involved with the J.

What drew you to the J?

Eddie: I have been a member of the JCC since I was a child. My parents joined the JCC when it was on Summit Road in Roselawn. It was a huge part of my childhood, and even in my adult years, I have maintained my membership and commitment to the J.

Amy: I have been a member of the J all of my adult life and have taken advantage of programs and activities relevant to what was going on in my life at the time. When my kids were growing up, we participated in many activities for them. I have used the gym for working out, and I participate in various arts and Jewish life programs.

What are some of your favorite memories volunteering or participating at the J?

Eddie: As I said, the JCC was a huge part of my childhood growing up in Cincinnati. My favorite memories of the J revolve around those years. Summer camp on the playground, swimming at the huge swimming pool, softball leagues, canteen, Blue Devils (social and philanthropic club), basketball leagues, and the Day of Fun. Later on, it was watching my kids participate in Just Us Kids productions and seeing my kids go to Camp Livingston and make their own memories there. More recently, volunteering at the Adams Golf Outing and the J Classic. The J was always there for me growing up and I want to be sure that it continues for future generations.

Amy: My favorite childhood memories are the Day of Fun and the big swimming pool at the J. Recently, I’ve enjoyed being part of the Golf Outing (J Classic), in which I’ve played for the last several years!

What community impact have you seen at the J?

Eddie: I see members of our diverse community, Jews and non-Jews, connect through the J and be able to utilize all the different programs and activities that are offered. More recently, at events like the J Classic, I have been encouraged to see the younger generation become involved. It makes me feel confident that they will be able to ensure the future success of the J.

Amy: The J is the center of Jewish life in the community and does a great job of reaching out and including people of all ages and backgrounds. I will always support the J because it plays such a vital role in bringing the Jewish community together!

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