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Swim School at the J – Group Lessons

The J offers year-round swim lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. Our youth aquatics program is designed to teach personal water safety, stroke development, water sports and games, and personal growth skills to children.

All lessons are taught by certified instructors, and private sessions are available for both children and adults. Class prices listed below include a Swim School at the J t-shirt!

Group lessons cannot be prorated, refunded, or made up, due to limited class capacity. 

Please note: Group Swim Lessons are not available at this time. Questions? Contact

Not Sure Which Class is Right for Your Child?

Frogs & Tadpoles: Children 9 months – 3 years old

Flounder: Children who are at least 3 years old and have little experience in the water.

Jellyfish: A child is ready for this class if they can comfortably perform 5 unassisted, consecutive bobs, submerging fully while blowing nose bubbles.

Octopus: Children who can independently perform a front float for 5 seconds (with their face in the water), can independently perform a back float for at least 5 seconds, and who can perform the above requirements can register for this class.

Clownfish: Children who can swim basic freestyle (with their face in the water) for 15 feet, basic backstroke for 15 feet, and have met the requirements above are ready for this class.

Frogs & Tadpoles – Caregiver & Child (ages 9 months – 3 years)

This caregiver/child swim class helps families become acclimated to the pool and learn to enjoy the water together through games and songs taught in a group setting. An adult is required to be in the water during class.

Swim Academy (ages 3 – 5)

Join your friends in the pool for a splashing good time! Children will learn swim basics, practice techniques, and get comfortable swimming in the water with an instructor. After each lesson, kids have a chance to play in the waterpark and practice their new skills!

Flounder Skills ​- Water Acclimation, Submersion, Air Exchange​ (ages 3+)

Children will become acclimated to the water through fun games, while learning basic safety skills, water submersion, and floating with assistance.

Jellyfish Skills – Body Position, Forward Momentum

In this class, children will learn to float on their front (with their face in the water) and on their backs for at least 5 seconds. Additionally, they will begin to learn to propel themselves forward using a basic flutter kick.

Octopus Skills – Coordination, Strong Flutter Kick, Introduction to Competitive Strokes

Children will learn fundamental freestyle and backstroke skills, with emphasis placed on the coordination and timing of the strokes as well as the development of a strong flutter kick.

Clownfish Skills – Stroke Refinement

Children will work to improve their freestyle and backstroke while learning all four competitive strokes. Emphasis will be placed on developing strokes that are legal for swim meets.

Adult Group Swim Lessons

This class is designed for adults with little or no experience swimming. The instructor will guide students through activities that can be accomplished at an individual pace while building confidence and comfort in the water.