BBYO International Honors

Congratulations to Shoshana Ploetz, Ellie Garfunkel, and Anna Okum on being selected to serve in an international capacity for BBYO, a teen-led Jewish youth organization that empowers its members to make leadership decisions and prepares them for active community roles after high school.

Shoshana and Ellie were selected out of hundreds of teens nationwide to serve on the Steering Committee for BBYO’s International Convention. As part of the committee, they’ll be in charge of recruitment, as well as tasked with creating engaging programming for the convention. They each will facilitate their very own sessions for teens from around the world at International Convention.

Anna Okum was nominated to be part of the BBYO International Leadership Network, which helps make an international impact on the BBYO movement. She will be responsible for promoting inclusion as well as serving on the press corps, writing and publishing stories in BBYO’s newsletter, the Shofar, and for social media that represent the diversity of the members in BBYO.

Shoshana Ploetz

Shoshana Ploetz is a junior at Mason High School. She has been involved in BBYO since 2016, and is currently serving her third term on Ner Tamid’s BBG chapter board. She first got involved in BBYO to connect with other Jewish teens, and because she thought BBYO was a great opportunity to make an impact on the Cincinnati Jewish community.

Ellie Garfunkel

Ellie Garfunkel is a junior at Sycamore High School. She has been involved in BBYO since 2016, and served as Ner Tamid BBG’s Nsiah (president) for the Spring 2019 term. Inspired by the passing of her mother, a Rabbi, when Ellie was ten, Ellie joined BBYO as a way to help to find her own Jewish identity.

Anna Okum

Anna Okum is a junior at The Seven Hills School. She has been involved in BBYO since 2016, and after serving two terms on Ner Tamid BBG’s chapter board she was elected to the KIO (Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio) Regional Board as Mazkirah (Secretary). Anna joined BBYO with the goal of making a difference in the Cincinnati Jewish teen community. Since beginning as a member of BBYO leadership, Anna has been dedicated to creating a culture of inclusivity and acceptance.