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TriHealth Heart Speaker Series

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Wednesdays from 4:30 – 5:30pm
FREE with RSVP; it is encouraged to attend all three sessions in the series.

Think of your heart as a house that runs on electricity and plumbing and needs strong walls, entrances, exits and floors. In this speaker series, hear from TriHealth Heart & Vascular Institute experts on everything you need to know about the function, care, and repair of your heart. Just as with a house, the more you know, the longer you can keep your heart in good working condition!

September 27 | The Architecture of the Heart
with cardiologist Rick B. Gaines, MD

Learn about the anatomy of the heart, how it works, common conditions, and how to prevent undesirable issues.

October 25 | Plumbing vs. Electrical Systems of the Heart
with interventional cardiologist Jonathan A. Rapp, MD
and electrophysiologist Gaurang D. Gandhi, MD

Hear from one type of cardiac specialist who helps with the pumping action of the heart; and from another who focuses on issues that can interrupt normal rhythms or electrical flow.

November 29 | Major Repairs of the Home/Heart
with cardiothoracic surgeon Kathryn Lynne O’Keefe, MD

Major disruptions in the core workings of a house call for extensive repairs. Learn how advanced procedures like LVAD, cardiogenic shock treatment and valve replacement can bring new life to an ailing heart.

In partnership with TriHealth Heart & Vascular Institute. Learn more about TriHealth Heart & Vascular Institute HERE.

NOTE: it is encouraged to attend all three sessions in the series. By completing the registration form below, you are registering for all 3 parts of this series!

TriHealth Heart Speaker Series