Pilates Reformer Small Group Training

A man working out on a pilates machine

Pilates Reformer (Fall)

Ages 16+
Fall 1: August 16 – October 16
Fall 2: October 18 – December 18
Training options available* | Pilates Reformer Studio
J Member: Starting at $176

Perform more than 100 exercises in our Pilates Reformer Studio for an effective, joint-friendly, no-impact workout. All Pilates training participants must have the required (3) 30-minute private sessions completed before enrolling.

Athlete and Advanced Pilates (Fall)

Ages 16+
Fall 1: Thursdays, August 26 – October 14
5pm | Pilates Reformer Studio
J Member: Starting at $154

Perfect for high school, college, and adult athletes for a high pace, targeted, and more advanced class. A great cross-training tool, this full body workout will increase flexibility, core strength, muscle power, balance, and mental focus while improving athletic performance.

Jumpboard Interval Pilates

Ages 16+
Thursdays, June 3 – August 19
Fall 1:, Thursdays (8am) & Saturdays (9am), August 19 – October 16
Fall 2:, Thursdays (8am) & Saturdays (9am), October 21 – December 18
Pilates Reformer Studio
J Member: Starting at $176

The jumpboard helps to increase your aerobic workout while incorporating low impact muscle strength and coordination.