Group Exercise

Remix your workout! The J offers more than 90 FREE Group Ex classes with your membership. Classes are taught by highly-qualified instructors who motivate participants to reach their fitness goals. From low-impact beginner classes to high-intensity advanced classes, there’s something for every skill level.

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Yoga & Meditation

Hatha Yoga (Beginner – Intermediate)

Hatha Yoga focuses on flexibility, breath, and balance and is appropriate for both beginner and advanced practitioners. 55 min.

Meditation (Beginner – Advanced)

Come learn the transcending practices of meditation to be more centered and present. Meditation can lower blood pressure, amp up your immune system, and improve your ability to concentrate. 55 min.

Power & Peace Yoga (Beginner – Advanced)

Power & Peace Yoga combines the high-energy flow of vinyasas with the relaxation of deep restorative postures so you leave class feeling strong and balanced. 55 min.

Power Yoga (Intermediate – Advanced)

Power Yoga emphasizes strength and flexibility and is well-suited for individuals who are seeking an excellent workout as well as the serenity associated with the practice of yoga.  55 min.

TriYoga Flows (Beginner – Intermediate)

Tri Yoga, the art and science of yogaflow, unites breath with flowing and sustained postures. It has the inherent qualities of rhythmic pacing, relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements, and economy of motion. 55 min.

Vinyasa Yoga (Beginner - Advanced)

Vinyasa Yoga uses a series of breath-connected postures that encourages integration of body and mind. 55 min.

Yin Yoga (Beginner – Advanced)

Yin Yoga is a meditative class targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. 55 min.

Yoga Flow (Beginner – Advanced)

This class is a combination of Vinyasa Power and Kundalini Yoga. Develop core strength, endurance, and balance, while increasing flexibility and reducing chronic pain. 55 min.

Women's Only Yoga (Beginner - Advanced)

Women’s Only Yoga uses Iyenger/Vinyasa Flow style in which movement is connected with the breath along with focusing on body alignment, emphasizing holding poses for several breaths to build strength and flexibility. 50 min.


Cardio, Endurance, & Strength Training

Barre Fitness (Beginner – Advanced)

Develop a stronger, leaner body with Barre Fitness. This class combines ballet barre exercises with traditional strength training exercises. No previous ballet experience is required. 55 min.

Bodysculpting (Beginner – Advanced)

Bodysculpting will help you tighten and tone your entire body with a variety of strength exercises. A range of equipment, including bands, weights, and body bars will be utilized to push you to the next level of fitness. 55 min.

Cardio Barre (Beginner – Advanced)

This class combines movement from Latin, Swing, and Jazz dancing in a low impact workout that strengthens and tones all the major muscle groups. Work your body and train like a dancer. 55 min.

Cardio Intervals (Beginner – Advanced)

Cardio Intervals will provide a high intensity interval training format, which will burn more fat, improve your endurance, and increase your strength in less time than you thought possible. 55 min.

Suspension Basics (Beginner – Advanced)

Get into action on our Queenax training unit. Swing from the bars, push your core to the limit, strengthen your muscles, increase stamina, and feel like a kid again on our adult jungle gym where playing is encouraged. 40 min.

Suspension Training (Beginner – Advanced)

(Registration required; fees may apply. Visit the Fitness Desk for details.) Get into action on our Queenax training unit. Swing from the bars, push your core to the limit, strengthen your muscles, increase stamina, and feel like a kid again on our adult jungle gym where playing is encouraged. 50 min.

S.W.E.A.T. (Beginner – Intermediate)

Strength, willpower, energy, and aerobic training will get you through this popular workout, which alternates segments of cardio, and lower and upper body work.55 min.

Tabata Workout (Intermediate – Advanced)

The Tabata Workout is a high-intensity interval-training regimen that produces remarkable results. Each exercise consists of 8 cycles of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause for a total of 4 minutes. 55 min.

Total Body Workout (Beginner – Advanced)

Total Body Workout combines cardio and strength training in a circuit format with stretching and yoga for a total body workout in just one hour. 55 min.


Mat Pilates (Beginner – Advanced)

Mat Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles and teaches breath awareness and body alignment. You’ll increase strength, flexibility, and body awareness. 55 min.

Pilates 101 (Beginner – Intermediate)

During Pilates 101, you’ll learn the techniques to develop a body that works as a harmonious whole through control, centering, concentration, breath, flow, and precision. 40 min.

Dance & Boxing Inspired

Stretch and Strengthen

(Registration required at beginning of each session; fees may apply. Visit the Welcome Desk for details.) Increase your strength and flexibility with former Cincinnati Ballet principal dancer, Jane Green. This class engages techniques of classical ballet, contemporary yoga, and more.  55 min.

Dance Fit With Weights (Beginner – Advanced)

(Registration required at beginning of each session; fees may apply. Visit the Welcome Desk for details.)

Instructor Bonnie Loftspring leads a dynamic small group class focusing on strength training, posture alignment, and stability using light weights, core work, and stretching. Purchase passes at the Welcome Desk.

55 min.

Israeli Dance (Beginner – Advanced)

People of all skill levels are encouraged to join this class and take part in authentic, high-energy Israeli folk dancing. There is something for everyone – from popular Israeli dances to more advanced repertoire. 1 hour & 45 min.

Zumba (Beginner – Advanced)

Zumba is a high-energy cardio class combining Latin moves and music with interval training. No dance skills are required. 55 min.


Express Spin (Beginner - Advanced)

A shorter class for those looking for a quick cardio workout. 30 – 45 min.

HIIT Spin (Beginner – Advanced)

In this shorter class, you will work in various levels of intensity with designated recovery periods. You will be encouraged to maximize the effort and work hard. No indoor cycling experience required. 45 min.

HIIT SpinFlex (Beginner – Advanced)

This class combines both our HIIT Spin and SpinFlex classes for high intensity interval training and resistance training, both on and off the bike. No indoor cycling experience required. 45 min.

SpinFlex (Beginner – Advanced)

This class combines traditional spinning with resistance training off the bike. No indoor cycling experience required. 55 min. – 60 min.

Spinning (Beginner - Advanced)

Join us in the Cycling Studio for a fun, non-impact stationary Spinning workout that’s safe for anyone. 55 min.

SpinPower (Beginner - Advanced)

SpinPower technology tells riders how hard they’re working, allows them to measure progress and energy burned, and tells them what fitness variables they need to change. Personal Spinning Threshold (PST) tests will be administered, on occasion, to determine the appropriate power to use in training zones Post-Ride data analysis monitor will help evaluate progress, and compare results over time. Power-Meter Technology Provides an accurate energy expenditure measurement. Come hydrated and prepared to work. Heart rate monitors highly recommended. 55 min.

SpinPower Flex (Beginner - Advanced)

SpinPower Flex combines our SpinPower class with 15 minutes of resistance training at the end of the class. 55 min.

Women Only

Women OnlyCardio Intervals (Beginner – Advanced)

This fun, upbeat cardio-based workout will keep your heart pumping with simple aerobic exercises designed to elevate and challenge your cardio fitness level. 55 min.

Women Only Total Body (Beginner - Advanced)

This class targets all the major muscles and areas women love to hate. We will use body weight and dumbbells, with a combination of high-intensity cardio and targeted strength exercises. 55 min.

60 & Better

Functional Fitness (Beginner – Intermediate)

Functional Fitness is a weight training and stretching class designed for senior adults who want to increase their strength to better perform daily activities. 45 min.

Wellness & Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Wellness & Rehab Program

($10/month fee for this program) This supervised program is for anyone wanting to prevent or control the risk factors of coronary artery disease, and for anyone who needs an advanced maintenance program after a heart attack, heart surgery, or angioplasty. Participants’ blood pressure and heart rate are monitored, with frequent communication between participants’ physicians and the instructor. 90 min.

Schloss Special Needs & Services

Fitness & Friends

Fitness & Friends: For children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, who are able to participate independently or with the help of their own personal care assistant. This inclusive class offers low-impact exercise, socializing, and creative crafts. There are classes geared to two different age groups. Ages 18+:45 min. and K – 6 35 min.