Aquatic Group Exercise

Two women doing water aerobics.

Our Aquatic Group Ex classes provide low-impact workouts led by highly-qualified instructors who will help you meet your fitness goals. All classes are FREE for members, so you can try as many as you’d like!

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Current Cardio

Level: Beginner – Advanced
Use the Current Channel for water walking and exercises against the current. Combines cardio and strength training. Water shoes are recommended. 60 min.

Shallow Water Fitness

Level: Beginner – Advanced
This program uses water resistance to develop muscle tone and flexibility. The warm water eliminates any pounding pressure on joints, while providing a stimulating workout. 60 min.

Wet Workout (Shallow and Deep)

Level: Beginner – Advanced
Shallow water workout provides low impact exercise that is safe for all fitness levels. Deep water workout provides non-impact exercise. We use flotation belts in deep water, and aqua-buoys, paddles, and gloves. 55 min.