Jewish-focused Aging Mastery Program

Jewish-focused Aging Mastery Program12-Week Course | Coming this Spring!
Ages 50+ 

Age gracefully with us! Whether you’re trying to exercise more, organize your financials, or plan your daily routine, this twelve week health and wellness program is for you! The Jewish-focused Aging Mastery Program uses Jewish ideas and principles to empower you to make impactful life changes. Each class includes a featured speaker, educational sources, a checklist with next steps, and a system to track your progress. For every positive action you take, you can earn points toward rewards and prizes.

Cost includes the entire 12-week program, and includes all participant class materials.

National Council on AgingNationally Recognized Class Curriculum
12 weekly, 90 minute classes taught by local experts

Jewish Perspective on Aging
Instructor: Rabbi Shena Potter Jaffee, Director of Jewish Family Life at the Mayerson JCC
Life is like a kaleidoscope, constantly changing. We’ll take ideas of faith, transition, and personal growth to examine the concept of mind-body and spirit that underscores Jewish life.

Navigating Longer Lives: The Basics of Aging Mastery Introduction
Instructor: Susan Bradley Meyer, Jewish-focused Aging Mastery Program facilitator
Quality of life can be affected by things big or small. Daily stress & anxiety can compound, or a major life event can happen. We’ll explore the basics of the Aging Mastery program while addressing the inner signals that indicate living a fulfilled life.

Exercise and You
Instructor: Kelly Gruelich, Group Fitness Coordinator at the Mayerson JCC 
Exercise can improve not only our physical state, but also our mind. Let’s delve into how to incorporate meditation, aerobics, strengthening, flexibility, and balance into our daily lives.

Healthy Eating and Hydration
Instructor: Dianne Schneider, RDN, LD, CDE
Eating right can be tricky, but it can improve how you feel. We’ll learn strategies to eat healthier daily and how to maintain proper hydration.

Sleep Overview
Instructor: Dr. Sanjiv Patel, Mercy Health Systems
Are you yawning all day? Finding yourself tired? We’ll look into sleep patterns, the sleep cycle, and strategies to improve your sleep.

Financial Fitness Introduction
Feeling lost in your finances? For Boomers, planning is the key to a secure financial future.  It is important to establish sensible spending and saving habits. Learn how to set financial goals and boundaries with family and friends. These lessons will help you find financial security and longevity.

Advance Planning Guidance
Healthcare, finances, and housing decisions can be overwhelming. We’ll break down these areas with a focus on how to maintain your personal values and beliefs during these important decisions.

Healthy Relationships Exploration
Instructor: Debi Maltz Varland, MA, MAT, ATR, Education Manager at Jewish Family Service, Registered Art Therapist 
Relationships grow and change just as much as we do. Learn how to continue strengthening your connections to family and friends as you move into the next stage of your life.

Medication Management
Instructor: Jason Niemann, PhD, Clinical Pharmacist, Mercy Health Systems
Medications can feel like a hassle, but being knowledgable about them can help! We’ll learn best practices about medication.

Community Engagement
Instructor: Andrea Brunner, Community Impact Associate, United Way
Engaging with your community can help you stay active, feel better, and feel connected. We’ll discuss continuing contributions, acts of kindness, and civic involvement.

Falls Prevention Overview
Instructor: Susan Bradley-Meyer, Master Trainer for the Matter of Balance Program & Kelly Gruelich, Group Fitness Coordinator at the Mayerson JCC
It’s easy to slip and take a spill when you’re in a rush or simply not looking sometimes these falls can impact the quality of our lives. We’ll go over tips to prevent falls and strategies to stay safe.

Harvest Time: Living Fully the Rest of Our Lives
Instructor: Rabbi Shena Potter Jaffee, Director of Jewish Family Life at the Mayerson JCC
We’ll go over your hopes, fears, and aspirations using Moses as an example of leaving a legacy. Each person will create a “spiritual mission statement,” to help guide you once you’ve finished the class.