Grades 6-8 Programs

Perfect North Tween Tubing

At Perfect North Slopes
December 17, 1 – 5pm

J Member: $10; public: $14 Come slip’n’slide away! Join tweens in grades 5 – 8 from around the city as we trek to Perfect North and go tubing for an afternoon filled with fun! Transportation to and from the JCC and Perfect North is provided.


Teen Athletic Enhancement

Reach your full athletic potential with this athletic enhancement program for ages 12 – 18. You’ll increase endurance, muscular strength, balance, agility, speed, and reaction time. Participants will also learn how to minimize injuries for sports performance. Receive unlimited visits to attend as many classes as you want. Train in a group format, with unlimited visits to any class for one month. 

Training times:

  • Mondays, 4pm-5pm
  • Wednesdays, 4pm-5pm

August: J Member: $99/month; public: $150/month
September: J Member: $66/month; public: $116 month
October: J Member: $99/month; public: $150/month
November: J Member: $88/month; public: $138/month
December: J Member: $66/month; public: $116/month