Global Day of Jewish Learning Workshops 2018

2018 Global Day of Jewish Learning Schedule: 

2pm – Keynote with Rabbi Susan Goldberg, script consultant to the TV series, Transparent

3:10-4:10pm – Workshops

4:15-5pm – Closing session with Rabbi Goldberg and JCRC director Jackie Congedo

Mikvah and Metamorphosis in “Transparent”  

Among the many Jewish themes of this popular and thought-provoking television series, the recurring motif of the mikvah is one of the more subtle. As we view select clips from “Transparent” and dive into Jewish texts, this session will explore the meaning of the Jewish ritual practice of mikvah immersion and how this ritual is used, both literally and figuratively, in the show.

Facilitators: Rabbi Elana Perry, Wise Temple and Professor Craig Perry, UC Judaic Studies

Medieval Jewish Interpretations of Gender

In “Transparent,” the central family’s youngest child, Ali Pfefferman, comes to identify as “non-binary,” neither exclusively female nor exclusively male. It might surprise you to learn that medieval rabbis also recognized gender identities other than “male” and “female.” In this workshop, we will delve into Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah Sefer Nashim (“Book of Women”), examining how Maimonides built on pre-existing Jewish traditions to classify individuals into as many as six different genders. We will consider what this classification meant for Maimonides’ contemporaries, and what it might mean for us today.

Facilitator: Jennifer Grayson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Jewish History at HUC-JIR and at Xavier University in Cincinnati. She researches Arabic-speaking Jewish communities in the medieval Islamic world.

Sitting on Separate Sides of the Mehitzah – Are We Crazy (Meshugenah)?

Orthodox Judaism, in varying ways, maintains a more firm position on traditional gender roles and the separation of the sexes. Where do these values come from? How do they manifest themselves? Are they ever taken too far?

Facilitators: Elyssa and Rabbi Ezra Goldschmiedt, Congregation Shaarei Torah

Trans Basics: The Journey of Intersections

What does it mean to “come out” as transgender, as gay, as poor, as one with a disability? Journey with Living with ChangeDirector of Training and Education Tristan Vaught to explore these issues and learn about people’s real-life experiences. This workshop will include a hands-on exercise that will provide essential information and help participants ask essential questions.

Facilitator: Tristan Vaught, Living with Change

Ok, Men and Women are ‘Equal,’ Now What? Progressive Judaism & the Gender Spectrum

While in Reform, Conservative, Humanistic and other streams of Progressive Judaism, men and women have achieved a level of equality regarding religious expression, many elemental aspects are still gendered like  Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods and boys cabins and girls cabins. How do we train rabbis, develop synagogue rituals and general create welcoming spaces? What will these look like as we incorporate non-binary genders? Hear from rabbis and activists who are on the front lines of asking these question within their organizations and even within their own families.

Facilitators: Rabbi Julie Schwartz (HUC-JIR), Rabbi Irv Wise (Adath Israel), Rabbi Robert Barr (Beth Adam), Heather Guttman (Congregant, Temple Sholom)

Israel Politics – A Century of Transitions and Turnaround  

Since the founding of the State, the ideals and aspirations of Israel’s political parties have shifted dramatically. What was once considered an anathema to a party might now be a core value. Where does that leave a person who considers themselves a left-wing Moderate or an ideological Conservative? Get a glimpse into the complexities of Israel’s political parties and realities with Cincinnati’s new Shaliach.

Facilitator: Amnon Maggid, Cincinnati new Shaliach, (Emissary) of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, is a Jewish educator and group facilitator with over 20 years of experience. His main goal is to bring our communities here and in Israel more together.